Monday, August 5, 2013

Do You Know Your Right From Your Left

When I was a boy and growing up explaining things was pretty easy. Good was good and bad was bad. Now the line has not only blurred but switched. Long ago to be right wing was conservative believing in good principles, standards, and morals and sometimes considered a moderate running middle ground for a few reasons was exceptionable. No one wanted to be referred to as left wing. Being left wing was a radical position, one of dread, and people who were left wing were to be feared, weird, strange, and uncomfortably different. Somewhere along the way people in the press and in literature now make being right wing radical. The word right has always had good connotations, this stems from the Bible teachings of being found on the right hand of God. Being found on his left hand was the worst of positions. The term being right also shows a position of being right, thinking right, and accepting the right. The Bible also prophesied of the last days people calling good bad and bad good. I suppose that is necessary to fulfill prophesy, but I never thought that intelligent people in the press and literature would ever forget the differences of their right from their left. This change is important however to make us who be leave in the old traditions that made this country great; position our selves so we are really right. As we are right! That leaves only those who are left. I think I still know my right from my left. Do you?  Otherwise we will be left out. The real danger of this perversion is the fact that when our grand children read history or watch an old documentary when they refer to the right wing they will automatically see them (that generation) differently then we did. They will see them as radicals.  We may have to try to reclaim our ground by explaining our position The religious right, the constitutional right, the charitable right, the free right. We may also have to explain the positions of our opposition  un-religious left, the unconstitutional left. the uncharitable left, and the socialist left. It is either that or letting us be called left which would be unacceptable as we are right and they are wrong! I wrote an article about a year ago on postmodernism that explains other facets of this attack, it is a socialist ploy. It is an older blog on this site but should be there. Richard W Norman

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