Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Well over 35 years ago I heard this story told by David Arroyo of El Paso Texas. He said it occurred in one of Bethlehem Indiana or perhaps Bethlehem Pennsylvanian yearly Christmas play.

 The story was told long ago of a poor mentally challenged young man who also had a bad stutter he always loved a part in his small town Christmas play. But one year he wanted and insisted on a speaking part! He normally would be a Shepard or wise man but to give him a speaking part would be impossible. Finally it was decided to make him an inn keeper. His line was very short but would satisfy the young man. “Be gone there is no room in the inn.” Shifts were set up to help the young man practice his line until he could say it perfectly. The night of the performance the woman on the little donkey decided to portray herself in labor. When the young man opened the door and saw Mary in such travel there was a great silence in the background the prompts of friends could be herd “Be gone ” …  “Be gone there is no room in the in…” Finally in a clear voice the Young man spoke his part “Be gone there is no room in the inn! But come back later and you can have my room”. As we remember the birth of the King of Kings let us close our year with tender feelings and a willingness to give what is in our power to give that money cannot buy a willing heart.

Richard W. Norman

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