Monday, December 28, 2015

Muzzleloader Bore Cleaner Complete List

The muzzleloader products below either have water as part of the mix or need water added to remove the salts from the potassium nitrate in black powder or its lookalike which may have a salt, ascetic or base residue. This is why water in some quantity must be incorporated in muzzleloader bore cleaners.

One shot Muzzleloader Lube and protectant past (By Hornady)
One shot Muzzleloader One shot Muzzleloader Lube and protectant spray
Black Powder Bore Cleaning Solvent (By Track of the Wolf)
Ballistol (Buy the can that can use a trigger spray and add water)
  Ballistol was said to have been developed by the Germans in WWI  and still is in production       
Birchwood Casy No. 77 Muzzle Magic Cleaner
JB Bore Bright
CVA Bore Blaster Cleaner Black Powder Solvent
Thompson Center T17 Black powder cleaning product
Thompson Center Bore Butter
Thompson Center No 13 Bore Cleanser
Thompson Center Gorilla Grease (for breach plug installation)
Traditions EZ Clean
Mountain Extreme Black Powder 209 Cleaning Solvenbt
Hoppes #9 Plus Black Powder Bore Cleaning Solvent and Patch Lubricant
Hoppes Elite Black powder solvent
Butches Bore Shine Black Powder Bore Cleaning Solvent
Shenandoah Valley Bore Cleaning Solvent and Patch Lubricant
Knight Rifle Knight Solvent Concentrate
Wipeout WBP 140 Wipeout Bore Cleaner Black Powder Solvent
Slip 2000 Black Powder Bore Cleaner
Bore Tec Black Powder Solvent
Gun- Works Biodegradable Gun Cleaner Black Powder and smokeless
Shooters Choice Aqua Clean Bore Cleaner
Rusty Duck Black Powder Solvent
Napiers Black Bore Solvent Shotgun

Black powder gun cleaning luckily requires no special cleaners listed above plain water has been the standard for hundreds of years warm soapy water if possible cold will do the barrel is warmed over a heat source like a stove blow dryer or camp fire to drive out the moisture reassemble the gun and lightly oil for storage.  

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