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Gun Oil, Grease and Solvent Complete List

The purpose of this post is to clarify emergency gun lubricating if you did not have, or could not get gun care products. At the end of the list you will see emergency procedures for when you have nothing to work with.  
Good gun oils and cleaners should be bought and back-stocked and are as important as a supply of ammo. If national disarmament occurs, you will not be able to buy any of these products. As for quality, they are all good. Break-Free Gun Oil and gun care products in my opinion are a little better, as it is currently tested and used by the military. Other than that, the list is all high quality. Look for the lowest price and the highest quantity when you buy.


Hoppe’s Gun Oil, and Hoppe’s #9 Bench Rest gun oil with weather guard
Winchester Gun oil
Pacific Gun Oil
Break-Free Gun Oil , and Rust Preventive Wipes
Lucas Extreme Duty Gun Oil
Gun Oil (product name)
Firepower FP10 ™ Muscle (military and law enforcement)
Gun Butter
Slip 2000 EWL Gun Oil Liquid
Remington Rem Gun Oil, Rem Oil Wipes, and Rem Oil with moisture guard
Wilson Combat Ultra-Lube II Gun Oil
M-Pro7 Gun Oil
Tetra Gun Lubricant Gun Oil
Mountain X-Treme Bore conditioner accuracy Gun oil
Mil-Com MC2500 Gun Oil Liquid, & Mil –Comm TW25B Gun Grease Firearm Weapons wipes
Tetra Gun Oil Lubricant
Pro Shot Zero Friction Premium Synthetic Gun Oil
KG KG4 gun oil
Bore Tec Teflon gun oil
Butch’s Gun Oils
Slip 2000 Gun Oil
Montana X- Treme Gun Oil
Kano Micro Precision instrument and Gun oil
RIG #2 Gun Oil and Lubricant & Protectant
Birchwood Casey Synthetic Gun Oil
Lyman Turbo Sonic Ultrasonic Gun Lubricant
Shooters Choice FP10Gun Lubricant Elite
Kano Dryphite Gun Lube (Note some people think of Graphite as an abrasive)
RIG +P Stainless Steel Gun Cleaner
Frog Lube Clam shell pack Kit, and  Frog Lube Gun Spray
Spartamax 4oz Lady Bio Gun Oil
Lubeguard 15102 Gun Oil
Synthetic EEZOX Premium gun care from 450 degrees to 95 below Fahrenheit


Mil-Comm TW25B Gun Grease Tube
Pro Shot Pro Gold Gun Grease
Tetra Gun Grease Tube
Shooters choice all weather Gun Grease Tube
Wilson Combat Ultra -Lube Gun Grease Liquid
Steel Shield Weapon Shield Gun Grease
RIG Universal Gun Grease
Gun Butter Trigger and locking Lug Gun Grease
Lubraplate SFL-O Gun Grease

GUN SOLVENTS – Powder solvents Liquid and Aerosol

Hornady One Shot gun cleaner
Hoppe’s #9 , and another product  Hoppe’s Elite Gun Cleaners
Ballistol Multi- Purpose aerosol cleaner Lubricant Protectant
M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner
Gun Scrubber by Birchwood
B Breakthrough Advanced Firearm Cleaner Military grade solvent
Sweets 7.62 Solvent
Otis 085 Ultra Bore cleaner (Otis sells to the military)
Outers Nitro Solvent
Mil-Comm three step gun care kit, and MC25 Cleaner
Pro- Shot copper solvent
Rem Action Cleaner Spray
Gun Slick Foaming bore cleaner
Pro Shot 1 Step Solvent/ Lube  
Mil Com MC25
Tetra Gun Copper Solvent
SEM 77743 XXX Cleaning Solvent
Ultimate Arms Gear Pro Armorer’s jet spray
SLIP2000 Carbon Killer
Gun Werks Non Toxic Biodegradible
G96 Nitro solvent aerosol
Butch’s Bore Cleaner
Traditions Performance Firearms Muzzleloader solvent
Hornady Lock N load Gun Parts Solution (for sonic cleaners)
Brownells TCE Degreaser  

First and foremost, we still have the ability to buy good gun oils and gun solvents. This should be first choice. The information below should be considered only if there are no other products available in an emergency.  
Understanding moving parts on a gun is critical to understanding oil. A moving part like a bolt in an auto-loader-semiautomatic firearm is of dissimilar metal or hardness than the receiver. A good example is the pistons in your car motor. The piston itself is of a soft metal and the motor has a steel sleeve or the block is made of cast iron. If the block was of the same metal of the same hardness as the moving piston they would bind, even if lubricated.
How Parts Fit- Guns can be broken down into two groups when it comes to parts fit. (1) Military rifles and pistols, (2) sporting rifles and pistols: The military guns are sloppy in their fit and need to be because when men are mucking around in the mud the moving parts are given some play so the gun will function in the dirtiest conditions. So in no way should this be construed that the gun was poorly made they are tested by being exposed to mud and dirt. Then the gun is expected to fire.  The second type sporting rifles and pistols have a tighter fit and are known for more accurate shooting but do not do well when exposed to lots of dirt and mud.
Lubricants – First you need to understand the metal is not smooth, the imperfections in metal at the microscopic level are dramatic and there are grooves and fissures, canyons, and gullies unseen by the eye. The goal of a gun lubricant is to fill these imperfections on both surfaces and allow them to slide against each other dramatically reducing wear. Lubricants can have additives like Teflon such as in the product called Break-Free used by the military. Break-Free Teflon emulsion helps fill the microscopic grooves and make any firearm work better. This is called lubra-plate. The Teflon plates the two surfaces that rub each other. This is said not to be true of silicone spray of some other brands and some brands say do not use them on a gun as it gums them up.
For an emergency 3 in 1 oil is a fair lubricant for guns as well as automatic transmission oils and hydraulic oils which are all light ten weight oils. Some sewing machine oil thickens over time and in the absence of gun solvents might need to be cleaned up with a toothbrush and a couple of tablespoons of solvent of some kind like kerosene, lacquer thinner, enamel reducer, etc. and in the absence of any solvent in a war for example a couple of tablespoons of gasoline. All requiring use in a well ventilated area away from sparks and flames. Though good for other applications in a workshop WD40 should never be used on a gun especially shotguns. The gun will need to be taken apart and cleaned with a good gun solvent if available and then reassembled and lubricated with good gun oil. Brake parts cleaner is generally a good solvent except for the ones containing chlorine. The chlorine eats on the metal in the gun and so you should read the label before you buy certain brake parts cleaner.
Do not use heavier lubricants - - a Gear oil that is 90 weight or less is too thick. Motor oil like the variable weight motor oils start with a small number like  5-20, 10-20, 15-20, 10-30. or 20- 40 etc. as there a host of others that start out as a light weight oil but thicken to the second number which may make the gun not functional when the gun heats up. 
Richard W. Norman 

If they pass laws against guns then you will either make your gun parts, bullets and supplies at home, salvage or do without. There is a gun and ammo supply system in a book AmericanHandbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom”. This is a Book on home gun construction and repair, powder, primers; and a brief history of how the USA has moved toward socialism and their written plans to overthrow our freedom and some solutions to save the Constitution.

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