Monday, August 27, 2012

Spam Ammo Can Opening of

The British during one engagement were surrounded by ammo and yet had no way to get to it. The ammo boxes were made of Teak wood from India and so was a popular salvage product to make jewelry boxes and the like to send home. The officer in-charge of the keys was not available when the unit was attacked. Being good soldiers and following orders not to damage the boxes and not wanting to upset the apple cart by smashing the boxes to get ammo traded a more valuable commodity their lives rather than destroying the boxes. 
The edge of the ammo can and a flat tipped screw driver set on edge
 This brings us to what could be a comparable situation in a day of trouble when you need your ammo in storage and can not find the can opener to open it. This principle is used in sheet metal work and works especially well on the import ammo spam cans. This is not hard or complicated.

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