Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dangerous Armed Government

  THIS ANTI GUN VIDEO LIKE MANY OTHERS  WAS DELETED FROM THE  INTERNET  I WILL LEAVE THE POST  BUT THE VIDEO NO LONGER PLAYS. Such censorship is criminal!  What you will see in this video is the fact that press agents and talk show hosts are supporting national disarmament. This press propaganda was used in any socialist  national takeover. Another words you are seeing two men bought and paid for to lead us like lambs to the slaughter. The other self defense portion of the video is a testament of the usefulness of having personal arms but the important thing is to note the difference in feelings of the normal American and the propaganda being pushed when the audience are called upon for the applause as they support the second amendment.
  This video was compiled by Justin Woolee.  


    In Russia, China, Germany, and France during the German occupation It is a well known fact  and a matter of history that the most dangerous people were not an armed public but the all powerful armed government after the people were disarmed.  
     Richard W Norman 
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