Thursday, February 7, 2013

Washington Weekly Report on Socialists


Everything on this site is usually on guns and ammo and more serious stuff but today I thought to have a little fun.

Today it appears that Obama was truly born outside of the country as researchers have found the ink on the birth certificate was still wet. Further having our agency do an extensive study there are no reports of child hood friends who remember him. The only reliable source was found in Smallville. Superman agreed to an interview and he remembered Obama from his college days and confirmed that Obama was in a number of his classes. But Obama spent his time with the more radical Marxist teachers and students. Superman admitted to having been in a debate class with Obama and said that He (Superman)  would fight for "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" The man of steel said he never saw what was coming in tell it was too late. Obama said he would support the spread of socialism in America and the rise of a tyrannical regime in the American government ending in a UN world government.
  Superman said he was particularly fond of bright colored underwear that was made by Fruit of the Loom ":The guys always teased me in my physical education classes about my underwear  Superman said-- so Obama gave a challenger. "Which ever one of us is the least successful will ware his under ware outside of his clothes" Superman said "Sure after all who is not for Truth Justice and the American Way." He admitted in essence that he had not taken into account the number of socialists in Hollywood and the press that would spend the next decades spreading false information in order to get people to change their opinion. He also warned that much of what was said and done in Washington and reported by the press was an out and out lie and in the end the nation could end up in bondage as was done in Germany and Russia. 
 Superman said "his word was his word", so his mother (the earth woman who had raised him) took his blanket he was wrapped in from Krypton and made some of the nicest respectable underwear she could and that is what he has been wearing around town for years. He concluded " people have accepted it as a kind of symbolism of who I am and no one has ever teased me about them so I will continue to wear them in the future even when the American people wake up and support good government again as well as Truth Justice and the American Way". RWN

 Flash---Found this week was a plan by farmers and business men to assassinate most of the top leadership of Washington DC. It appears that there were confirmed reports that these political leaders were anti Christian socialist vampires. The Farmers for over the last year were growing holly and making a sufficient number of wooden stakes to do the job. The plan was to turn the stakes over to the business men and they would proceed with disposing of each one as quickly as possible. The plan was abandoned today as physicians confirmed that not one of the Blood Suckers in Washington had a heart. No charges were filed as there were no laws on the books against growing holly and making stakes nor were charges filed against the business men. It appears it is not a crime in wishing that all the politicians in Washington were dead. To make sure of the safety of the political leaders in Washington, stakes of holly will be included in the gun ban just in case by some chance a politician is found in the future who has a heart. RWN

Paper shortage at the White House--- Three waiters were fired this week who wait on the table for the president. It would be best to start from the beginning to let you know what lead to the firings. With his reelection president Obama has admitted the wonderful feeling of power  this second term has given him. He rejoiced in the fact that they were able in his last term to pass the Health Care Bill and skip one of the branches of congress. He now has concluded he no longer needs congress at all and has begun using every scrap of paper he can get his hands on to write Presidential Decrees. With the entire back-stock of White house paper exhausted and no way to buy more in tell the next fiscal year he now has resorted to writing on the backs of napkins. Needles to say the plan for the gun ban, jail sentences for the resistant, and new open air prison camp construction   was thrown away after yesterdays lunch. The three waiters are now among the unemployed. Two White House aides may also be fired for minor theft as McDonold's and Wendy's they say they have them on film for stealing paper napkins and propositioning the girls who worked there. One white house aid however will be promoted as she suggested using toilet paper in tell the paper shortage is rectified. The president now has a writing desk in the executive rest room and one of the cleaning ladies herd him rejoice over his next edict Quote! "Let the American people put this one where the sun don't shine" RWN

Pinky and the Brain --- Were summonsed to the White House this week for the awarding of the First Medal of Slavery for plans for world rule. Three other presidents showed up for the award presentation Bill Clinton and both of the former Bush presidents I &II. Al Gore nearly maid it to the meting but was left just outside the door to the Oval Office he had a blank stare on his face, his voice monotone, his eyes were glassy and was wondering the halls of the Whit House repeating over and over "One hanging chad ...One hanging chad...One hanging Chad..." Pinky and the Brain were both congratulated on their efforts to take over the world and the lessons learned by all four presidents in their childhood from the cartoon. Describing the medal-- the medal  inscription at the top was Obamanation  and the medal was divided into for parts one was the hammer and sickle the other was a swastika the third was UN and the fourth was an upside down American flag. Pleasantries soon came to an abrupt stop as former president Bill Clinton was highlighting his efforts to be the first president of the world under the UN-- the Brain chimed in and said "I am going to rule the world!" soon Bush I and Bush II joined in and finally president Obama. Obama called the Brain a rat and things went from bad to worse. Obama had Security called in, as the Brain and all three former presidents and Obama were fighting over who was going to set behind the desk in the Oval Office. With a futile attempt to do some damage control the press core was quickly escorted out of the room but the last thing Obama was herd to say was "My aids said this medal was a bad idea. Now everyone knows what we are trying to do!" RWN      

 Earlier this week in Washington DC a secret meeting occurred where the #1 socialists in America met; some of the top names were Hillary Clinton, Bernadette Doran and her husband, Bill Ayers, Van Jones, Joe Biden, George Soros and the President and much of congress. The cavalcade of cars stretched for several miles  under the strictest of security to the hanger of Air Force One. The plan was reported to be successful as each socialist in turn urinated in the toilet of Air Force One and then it was flushed all at the same time---Yes it is now true! Air Force one is now Megatron. Optimus Prime representing the rest of the Transformer teem has written in and said that the plan to keep America free was to keep Air Force One under close surveillance in case Obama has any idea to use it to take over the nation. RWN
 A strange post for a gun information site but just thought to have a little fun. This site is dedicated to make things you may not be able to buy in the future if guns are outlawed, the site has many photos and descriptions. The goal is to put on useful information that will help you to make what you can not afford, use what you have to its best use, or where to find things cheaply, salvage, finds or constructing parts in relation to your gun needs. If you scroll down the side bar on the site you will be surprised at the number of topics covered and the amount of information given.
 Richard W Norman

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