Friday, February 1, 2013

Gun Primers 2000 for $1

   Rebuilding primers--Of course it is better to have real gun products, but reloading components are becoming scarce. With gun bans in the wind and the likelihood of total restrictions following soon there after it wood be well to know how to make alternative products. My book has instructions on reloading without loading equipment, alternative projectiles, and rebuilding primers, making 4 different powders- propellants, and primer substitutes, and substitutes for shot gun shells and much more.
   At a time when bullet primers are near impossible to get in any quantity kid caps for a cap gun combined with a few things from around the house can provide a viable inexpensive emergency solution, and they are dirt cheep. This particular package above was $1 at the dollar store for 2400 kid caps so you could reload 2400 bullets and I explain how to use them in my book. To fill a few ammo cans with as many kid caps as you could pack in them would be a good idea for emergency storage and it would hardly dint the family budget  at all. 
   Note kid caps come in packs from 1000 to quantities as high as 2400 for around a buck as seen above but you may be stuck with buying what you can get as the demand increases and people come to the realization of what can be done with them.
If they pass laws against guns then you will either make your supplies at home, salvage or do without. Below 1) How to Buy a Used Handgun Many people would like to buy a use gun this discuses the ins and outs on evaluating a used gun and how to determine if it is working as it was designed to work 2) Military Karate/Tae-Kwon-Do trainingh manual3) Very interesting historical document on old stile urban combat. To see military e-manuals and gun e-books click here www.firstpatriotpress.comover 70 to chose from. No waiting, get it now as an E-Book!
How to Buy Used Hand GunKarate Tae-kwon-do Hand to Hand FightingOrganize an Attack in Urban Area

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