Thursday, March 21, 2013

Using a File - Draw Filing

You can tell I spent a little time working on this before the photo above. It was very jagged. Someone used this carpenters square as a guide with a jigsaw. When I got finished with the part it was flat and square .

Note the removable copper protective vice jaws were made from water pipe. Without the copper plates it would mar the square.

Draw filing is simply a way to flatten a piece of metal this can be done at an angle, or in order to get out imperfections or rough spots like above. It is the simplest form of working metal. I started with a bastard file (and yes that is the name of the file) which is a coarse cut file. Finally I used a flat finer file. The process is simple. Taking the file and starting at the farthest end of the metal. The file is placed and I push down with an even very firm pressure and slowly draw or pulling the file to the other end. Lift the file and start at the other end and repeat the process. This is the only way to flatten long pieces of metal without machinist tools. I checked this square against my own and it is really close and good enough for carpentry work. I use this process in one of my books to make a sheet metal brake. A sheet metal brake is a useful tool that is used to bend square corners on sheet metal. You will see the brake in use as I built a lead casting pot in posts on this blog last year under Lead home made casting pot (20 Posts showing the whole process of making an electric lead casting pot from scrap metal. It was necessary to draw file the bending lip on the metal brake at an angle if you would like to see the metal brake I built in action click here.).

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