Saturday, March 16, 2013

What Kind of People Are We

History remembers two types of nations or peoples the good and the bad. How do we want to be remembered? Will history remember us as a people who set a standard for our children to follow? Or will our children remember us as a people of no standards. One such people will change the world and the other will destroy it. Richard W Norman  

If national disarmament came than having readily concealable information in making arms, ammo, and substitute military products would be critical. Salvaging readily available surplus military products and knowing how to use these items essential in keeping the nation free. You can now have a library of such books that will fit on a CD or flash drive for a small investment. Why not? If they pass laws against guns then you will either make your supplies at home or do without.Choose from over 70 titles. No waiting, get it now as an E-Book! To see gun books and military manuals click here. 
All American Anti-Disarmament HandbookEnfield: the Last Bolt Action Battle WeaponKarate Tae-kwon-do Hand to Hand Fighting

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