Friday, May 10, 2013

Don’t Read the Bible

People are saying that many good Christians are too fixated, crippled and captivated by the teachings of the Bible. They even go so far as to suggesting reading some other books accepting a fall of morality as normal natural and healthy would be better. George Washington taught that the Bible was the greatest book for the creation of good government. Connected to such statements were the words of many of the founders. If a downfall of morals is so great then let us look at where it has gotten us. Just a few decades ago most kids would graduate from high school went to college or got work and would not have sex before marriage. Divorce rates were low children had two parents of the opposite sex. There were hardly any children born out of wedlock in fact girls would leave town to have their baby and put the kid up for adoption, and other girls would not date the boys who got their class mate pregnant. Venereal diseases numbers were low, abortions were low, child poverty low. Because of a two parent home children had a stable environment and crime rates were low and church attendance was up.
The positive influence of not reading the Bible today, high school kids in some schools have a 1 in 3 ratio of venereal diseases, teen pregnancy are excepted as normal, abortion rates are up, (In NY city it is said that 40% of pregnancy  end in abortion) -- people who would like to adopt cannot get a child, 50% of children born today are without a father. These unwed mothers are given a home and food stamps and money at our expense and if they play their cards right will spend many years in semi-retirement and who pays for it we do; all they have to do is plop out another kid every now and then. Same sex marriage is opening the door for pedophiles seeking marriage and adoption so they can legally own their own child sex toy. There are so many downsides to not using the Bible as a moral yard stick you could write a book on the subject. Now that would be the book the critics should read.
   If you are not religious then looking at the destruction and fall of other nations from a historical perspective alone the moral decline of a nation is directly correlated to the downfall of a nation. Morality is the foundation of good government or the adhesive holding society together, without it there is no law or virtue. Buildings without foundations crumble and society without morale’s soon decay and pot-mark the world in abandoned heaps of shattered homes, loss of laws, governments and family.     
  The central role of religion is to remind people when they have gone astray. No one can say that current Christianity has ever supported the starting of brothels, gambling, vice, crime, etc. Weren't we better off when people spoke of their religions? Those wanting to shut up good Christians speaking of morals, values, honor, integrity, virtue need to reflect for a moment. Nations who have thrown away principle for passion neglecting what good Christians call the Bread of Life, would end up toast. If you do not believe in God then you must conclude it is a natural historical event and the only way to stop it is by adopting normal standards of morality. If morality will save this nation then why should you be so concerned if morality comes wrapped in the box of religion? For religious people we also know that the fall of nations come when society drops its standards. Both Christens and historians outlook are in total agreement on the decline of nations being related to declining morale’s; however Christians feel the decline is directly related to when God gets a belly full. Richard W Norman To see my books click my name.

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