Monday, May 27, 2013

Gas Prices

It is stupidly to believe that gas should be allowed to cost more than 50 to 85 cents a gallon
       It is stupidly to believe that there is not enough gas to go around when scientists, geologists, etc. have noted we own oil reserves as big in the Anwr reserve (Alaska) as in the Arabian Saudi oil fields yet now the U.S. Geological Survey NAGS calmed that the Anwr reserve is 99% smaller than its original estimates. Russia however is finding no problem in finding oil in the north just outside our Alaskan state boundaries and is sinking wells building super ice braking tankers and sucking the oil out as fast as they can. Obama's energy plan before being elected the first time was a tremendous hike in all energy prices so do not expect any mercy from him at the gas pump or at the negotiation table when it comes to lowering gas prices. Obama has over ridden congress passing a bill for pipe line from Canada to the Gulf Cost this would have given us all kinds of local oil and met our needs for years to come. What would this mean is that oil prices would have fallen. Obama has also given exclusive drilling rights to Brazil for off cost wells so we will have to be buying our own oil and choking at the gas pump.
Some years ago while taking classes in school I needed a temporary job and came up with a telemarketing job. The vote in congress was just about to take place before the decision to drill in the Anwr oil reserve. The target group we were calling before the vote was mostly old people. The telephone call script went something like this Hi I am Richard calling for the ___ Club and we are concerned about the environmental impact that drilling for oil will have on plant and animal life in the Anwr National Wild Life Reserve. The rest of the script was then a blood and tears sob story that was a basic all plant and animal life would be in danger from oil research and development in the Anwr. The punch line was “If you could talk to your congressman would you complain? With the answer yes I would key the call and say hold on I will connect you! I was to weight for the staff member to pick up and then disconnect. Weather you realize it or not each phone call to your congressman represent the sentiments of so many tens of thousands of voters. That night I knew I was helping to derail the vote that would come the next day. I finally took my job in my teeth—a percent of people would hang up even though they said they would complain  Knowing that the woman had hung up I kept asking for her with the congressional aid on the phone when he finally asked who I was I mentioned that I was connecting calls to their office and that I would let the aid talk to my supervisor. Razing my hand as the floor supervisor approached I took of my head set and held it up to his face and said the congressional aid wants to speak to you. My supervisor then said the aid is not to know that this is a complaint organized by a telemarketing firm and he leaned over and disconnected my call. I only hoped that aid had herd. I acted dumb and said it will not happen again.
Think for a moment if we have only a little oil available in the Anwr then what is the problem in using it until we can develop the technology to not need it? The government is said to already have hydrogen extraction generators (The ability to quickly separate hydrogen from water) which would eliminate the need for fuel for electricity production. The government is purposely shutting down profitable green energy producers. Wind generators are setting idle where the government will not allow the building of wires to transport the electricity. Trash recycling companies that have found a way to become profitable are closed on technicalities. Being green is only governmentally acceptable if it does not turn a profit and if it does not work.
   Back to oil the Utah oil reserves are said to be massive, the Rocky Mountain reserves are also said to be massive. Colorado oil shale according to the Rand Corporation “Advances in thermally conductive in-situ- conversion may enable shell derived oil to be competitive with crude oil prices at below $40 a barrel”. The US coastal oil reserves are also said to be no less formidable. Any of these are also said to dwarf middle eastern oil. When some wells were sunk off the US cost some wells are said to have 3000 PSI of oil pressure. Then why are our hands tied so we cannot develop them and why are we giving exclusive drilling rights to Brazil so we have to buy what we already own. Why are other nations drilling just off our 21mile marker and selling us oil at inflated prices. It happens so someone can make a lot of money. It happens because whoever is promoting present gas prices is organized and conspiring. We have forgotten that a few generations ago conspiracy was illegal and people organized to stop such men from picking a poor man’s pockets clean It is time we began to organize again.
Men who watch a nation die
We the unqualified being led by the lethargic trained by the slacker surrounded by the unwilling and malingering. Know how to do much but do not want to overdo it because people would expect us to do something more, when we are truly only willing to do nothing at all. We are surrounded with everything to accomplish our goals but we find it counterproductive to pursue a course when this would mean we would have to set some goals. With this firm doctrinal footing with everything in our hands to accomplish our task we will now attempt to do nothing at all surrounded by everything we need. Since our goal is to have no goal we are very comfortable with the knowledge that our chosen course of action will not apply to much strain. Let us limit all effort to lip service and grumblings where our complaints find no footing to achieve anything. With this as our solemn pledge let us speak boldly and forget what we promised at our next berth. Let us watch the ever increasing evils of our day with a “what can we do attitude”. Don’t ask us to lead, don’t ask us to follow but we are with you 100%. If by chance you find something we can do let us warn you now that we are busy. Politics elections and voting-- who has the time?
 We have a flag and wave it proudly on Veterans Day and the 4th of July we are grateful our forefathers sacrificed so that they left us a land of freedom! But let’s not get overly patriotic and surely lets not fix what is wrong in Washington as that’s a job for our children. END

The next time you are at the gas pump ask yourself how many hours you have to work each week to put in some gas and dedicate yourself for that time each week to change the world. Who knows we may see gas again at 35 cents a gallon. Our grandparents would not have stood still for what is going on in our country today, isn't it time we did not stand ideally by either. A simple gas protest would be to make stickers to stick on the gas pump with your senator, Governor, and state Representative phone numbers on them and stick them on a different gas pump and so people can call each of them while they filling their tank and are looking at the money your government is allowing some fat cat oil producer to take from your pocket. Its a simple suggestion but an effective approach.
     Richard W Norman

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