Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Taking the Tea Partys Tax Free Status

Just a few subversive organizations in the USA but the list is not all inclusive.
 How many of these have been denied a tax free status??????

USA, All African People’s Revolutionary Party, Alliance Marxists-Leninist s (North America chapter), American Indian Movement –Grand Governing council, Barrio Union, Black Radical Congress, Comity for a Unified Independent Party, Comity for Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, Communist Party Of the USA, Communist Voice Organization, Democratic Socialists of America, For a Better World, Freedom Road Socialist Organization,  Freedom Socialist Party, Green Party of the United States, Heat Wave Communist -Anarchist Federation, Independent Progressive Politics Network, Industrial workers of the world, International Socialist Organization, International Group, Los Angeles Workers Voice, Labor Party, Labor Standard, Labor Militant Voice, League for the Revolutionary Party, League for the Revolutionaries for a New America, Left Green Party, Left Green Network, Left Party, Left Turn, Maoist International Movement. National Black Union Front, New Democracy, New Labor Party, New Party, News and Letters Comity, Organizing Comity for the Program for Permanent Revolution, Peace and Freedom Party, Progressive Labor Party, Revolutionary Communist  Party, Revolutionary Workers League, Socialist Democrat, Socialist Action, Socialist Alternatives, Socialist Equality Party, Socialist Labor Party, Socialist Organizer, Socialist Party USA, Socialist Workers Organization, Socialist workers Party, The Greens Green Party USA, United Peoples Party, United States Pacifist Party, United Peoples Party Laraza (translated "The Race", The Peoples Party, Unity Organizing Comity, US Marxist- Leninist Organization – News Letter Voice of Revolution, Vermont Progressive Party, Workers International League (youth organization), Workers Party, Workers Family Party, Workers Socialist Party, World Socialist Party Of the United States and there are others. 

I would just like to know how many of these radical organizations were denied Tax Free Status without the press airing a cry of fowl play. Congress is today saying that the White House involvement in attacking a patriotic organizations like the Tea Party should not lead to the impeachment of president Obama. Why Not! If the Impeachment of the president happened we might well find much of congress lined up beside him! That's why they will not push for impeachment!!

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