Saturday, May 25, 2013

Loading Better Ammo Than You Can Buy

Ammo from the factory is loaded by machine with varying sizes of powder measures giving a fairly close charge of powder. However this factory loaded ammo are not perfect as to powder weight. This can give discharges where the feet per second of the bullet can vary from shell to shell.   The silver cylinder in the front in the photo above is a powder trickler the powder measuring device is set up to throw a powder charge a little light and the light charge is placed in the scale behind. The powder trickler is positioned and the white handle is slowly turned dispersing the exact weight on to the scale. The powder is placed in the shell casing and put in the bullet board. When the bullet board is full each shell is checked with a flashlight to make sure you did not miss a charge or double charge a shell casing. The bullet is then seated and you have better more accurate ammo than you can buy. This is about as far as I go  when I want really good ammo. Some people segregate shell casings by manufacture, some others even weigh each bullet. before seating them. Richard W Norman     

If there was ever a war then you will either make your supplies at home, salvage or do without. Below-- Bomb Shelter and Fall out Shelter All the designs were tested by the government and proved useful 1), 2) and 3) below each are the actual plans for home construction designed during the cold war. Eleven plans to chose from as well as Civil Defense manuals instructing you on how to survive nuclear war. Eleven  shelter plans to chose from  You can have them as e-books now as well as military and gun books over 70 titles to chose from.
Basement Concrete Block ShelterBelowground Clay Masonry Fallout Shelter PlansFamily Fallout Shelter

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