Friday, July 13, 2012


    Copyright information concerning photos and write information-- though internet material may freely be shared and copied from this website (Blog- forum) it is subject to the following restrictions. This information past present and future is the sole property of Richard W. Norman and his immediate family and descendants as may be stipulated by him  and cannot be copied electronically or physically by any means for resale by any individual, company, organization etc. The information on this site is limited entirely to free use with the following exceptions. If you post on this website then you forfeit any monetary claim to profits made on this website to Richard W. Norman. Your post however is recognized as your intellectual property but not entitled to any monetary return as it was freely shared and freely given. We reserve the right to quote your posts in printed materials and you agree to this as a condition upon posting on this website. It is obvious that if you sell your own quote your self in a book or periodontal it is yours to do with as you please even though you posted it here.
  Poetry  and wise sayings quoted from this website is limited to one quote in any commercially  published work with credit to the author beneath the quote and a direct computer link to this site or my books site. Any material from this site, if used on your site, have the following restrictions any links to this site must remain in tact and not changed or hidden or require other approval to stop an individual from direct contact with this site. If the statement is quoted in part or in whole and no link appears then the user will provide a link to this site. No sale of this intellectual property may be transferred in disguise as covering the cost of printing or for delivery and handling charges in less it is done by Richard W. Norman. Any conveyance of this information in the public realm must be for free by individuals desiring to convey this information, otherwise all profits revert to Richard W Norman. If you use this information as part of your blog, post, or forum, you agree to leave connected all links to my book and site or other sites or will provide one if nun was given in the quote.  This would be considered as fare use of the information and any profits you get from advertising on your site are yours.  Making it appear that I am endorsing a product, or using my endorsement  when I had endorsed a product not for profit but as a help to the readers is using this site beyond the free conveyance recognized restrictions and allow me and or family members to seek returns for this misuse equaling a 100% return on money involved of profits you made for this misuse. Using the photos, information, drawings and material to generate a profit without the proper links, accepts the fact that I or my posterity, direct family, may seek returns. These terms are subject to change at the authors discretion. All monetary rights reserved.          

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