Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Known Benefits of socialism vs free government 

         Free government                               Socialist government
1) Work or don’t eat                                 1) Work and don’t eat 
        -carrier choices                                        -You are told what  
                                                                         you will do no choice
2) A good days work for a good              2) Your work is next to slave labor
     days pay
3) Property ownership                              3) Property denial-- you own nothing-
                                                                            -Redistribution of wealth
4) You control your life                              4) The government controls your life
5) Right to a trial by jury free until            5) No trial simply imprisoned or 
 proven guilty                                                 executed
 6) Religious freedom                               6) No freedom of religion: 
                                                                         churches are:       
                                                                           - ministers are arrested
7) You own your life right to defend         7) No right to personal security
    yourself                                                           - disposable

The main benefits of socialism are: poor living accommodations, food shortages, money shortages, goods shortages, parts shortages, expensive light bulbs, green house taxes, higher taxes, higher fuel costs, job shortages, clothing shortages, government restrictions, and the highest rate of alcoholism in the world.
   For the complainers who do not like socialism vacations to prison camps, free slave labor exercise programs to help with physical fitness, and conditioning and free burial insurance--- Isn’t socialism wonderful I do not know why everyone doesn't want some.
 Richard W Norman  

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