Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Perfect Bound Book Repair

Gun manuals and Machinist manuals will be the most valuable books of the future and many libraries are not carrying them so to get your hands on a beaten up one is a real find. Book binding is of two types one is perfect bound which is where a pile of pages are stacked together and smeared with glue like this book was made and the other is folded pages stitched together. The second is more difficult to repair but the perfect bound is fixable by anyone.   

Book with broken spine
Louse sections
Cut the glue or adhesive holding the book together
Dry and bridal adhesive exposed
Re-organised pages and use sand paper to remove adhesive
After apply thin coats of kid glue rub the edge of the pages with your finger to get good penetration

Use a book as a weight to hold the pages in place. Finally when the glue is fairly thick apply a final cote and re-glue the spine.
      Author of American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom

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