Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Talking like an American

People here in our nation have and are seeking answers in our troubled political times.People no longer talk like Americans! We have become complacent as to who we are and what we have accomplished. Apologetic, sheepish, afraid to offend! In fact there is such criticism by people in Europe who want us to think our golden days are over and people in south and central America for us calling ourselves Americans-- they say we are in America too and for people in the USA to call themselves Americans is narrow minded. America (USA) put America on the map. These other nations have natural resources, oil, gas, steel, and coal etc. but what have they done with them have they lifted their people out of the gutter, have they given them grater freedoms? NO! To  speak of America is to speak of liberty, justice, honor, and freedom. It is time to tell these other so-called Americans and Europeans to put up or shut up. Do what we have done and earn the right for top billing--in fact it would make you better neighbors. south of our border you let drug lords effect and control your political elections, and kill political leaders. In Juarez Mexico gang slayings are sometimes 1000 people a month and in some of your countries poor peoples daily wage provides what is needed to almost eat  and nothing more. 
In my book I speak like an American again and there is little doubt that it will offend the world. Richard W Norman
         All American Anti-Disarmament Handbook

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