Sunday, October 21, 2012

Lead home made casting pot Magmaw 13 of 20

Welding --These fine welds were preformed with a 120 Volt box welder from Harbor Freight the photos are self explanatory. The heaver welds on the pot and larger metal were preformed by my Lincoln 240 volt stick welder. Muffler patch was used to fill in imperfections before painting with high heat paint. 
The pot was wiped down with lacquer thinner to prepare for paint.Auto body filler is the usual product used but in this case it would not take the heat so muffler patch was used.
In the end I wish I would have used the muffler patch more sparingly  as there was some long term shrinking problems. But I would still use the muffler patch as it gave a better finish.

If I would have used the thin wall pipe I shaped in the beginning this project without the couplings would have been $15.07 with the couplings it would have been $21.07. Since I wanted a better pipe part (1/4 inch 5&1/2 inches tall X 8 inch) pipe  for the pot I spent an additional $19 + $3.99  for high heat paint Grand total to here  $43.97. Where I used to live I was better at scrounging, this project would have only been a few dollars. I took my time on making the top welds and making a nice corner. I was a little less particular on the bottom welds. To view next post click

A Blog has the ability to up date material and even though time has passed and this is an old post I noticed that a lot of people will only view one page and move on. So it seemed practical to place a photo of the finished product on each post.   

 Richard W Norman 

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