Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lead home made casting pot Magmaw 14 of 20

Front cover-- This was about the same as making the case The top crease and 90 degree bind was from the auto fender. The other bends were only possible to this point with the metal brake as the upper and lower bends were in the way and was finished shaped with a auto body hammer and a chunk of iron some call a dolly. These side bends would not have been as pretty without the pre- bend from the metal brake.  
 (Knock Out) KO Punch for 1/2 inch hole but it could have been completed with a drill and a rat tale file. Investing in such a tool for one time use is foolishness  Too many people wast their money on things they do not need or will not use more than one time. But it is nice to know that such tools exist!
The paint had to be removed for fear it would catch fire. In a normal project it would have been roughed up and left like a primer. The front cover was aligned and pre-drilled for the side connecting screws and the dissembled for paint. Do not use a primer for this project only the high heat paint.

The corners were welded with my 120 volt box wire welder and lightly cleaned up with my hand grinder. The high heat paint was applied. This paint is the same that is used for barbecue grills and is probably cheaper at K mart or Wall Mart. The metal piece that goes in the hole is called a Romex connector and is found in the electrical department at the lumber yard. 

This pot needs the four 1/2 inch bolts that will act as its legs  but other than that, at this point this would be a most usable smelter to clean led scrap and wheal weights in without the drain by using a dipper. But I want the drain!!! To view next post click on this project click here. To see my book click my name

A Blog has the ability to up date material and even though time has passed and this is an old post I noticed that a lot of people will only view one page and move on. So it seemed practical to place a photo of the finished product on each post.   

If they pass laws against guns then you will either make your supplies at home, salvage or do without. American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom 

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