Sunday, October 14, 2012

The 17th Amendment the Big Mistake

  Historical note -- People are always saying we want to send senators to Washington with experience. The founders set up a system where we elect our state representatives and our state representatives appoint the senators. At first glance for the public to elect a senator would seem a grater exercise of freedom. Yet people did not understand the system. Before the 17th Amendment a senator was appointed and had to vote as he was instructed by the state that sent him. The press would keep the public advised on upcoming bills and the people would inform their state representatives of their feelings about the bill in turn the state representatives would notify the senator of how to vote and the senator would vote as instructed or be fired by the state. This system gave the people of the state a close tie to our government and our law making apparatus. After the 17th Amendment a senator would present bills influenced by pack money and special interest bribery with no apparent pressure that could be imposed on him by his state or the people  in tell the next election. Two things need to be accomplished to get our country back first we need to repeal the 17Th amendment and second we need to make it illegal for any group or individual to own more than one TV, Radio, or News Paper, or magazine. A syndicated press is truly a syndicate-- it is indeed criminal in nature when they do not inform the public of what is going on in Washington. No people can remain free who are uninformed of the actions of their government and have no say in the actions of the government. Our people can only remain free if they have a say in the day to day workings of their  government. Richard W Norman

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