Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Postmodernism The Attack on Our Liberty

Postmodernism (PM) is not just about Art but I will start with art and then move into the Postmodernist (PM) attack on our liberty. —As the pro Constitutional pro Christian right wing is watching the decay of this nations morals it is obvious to some of us the world has gone mad. Things that were not acceptable a generation ago seem now to be main stream in the press, in Hollywood, in art and on college campuses, and in the court room. Make no mistake this was no accident. It took planning, preparation money and people of influence to accomplish this. You might ask who planned this assault. The Postmodernists (PM) are Marxists and make no concessions or apologies of their positions as being socialist in nature, philosophy, or in their core beliefs. They write these philosophies, speak of them and unfortunately the press will not point a finger at them as they are partners with them. I was exposed to the philosophy when my daughter brought home her college text book or one the teacher used as such and said “Dad you can have this” It was perhaps one of the best gifts I was ever given as it allowed me to piece together the downgrading of our country by plan. As you read this article remember this is the inner workings of the postmodernist (PM). It is a Marxist assault on American values remember this same action was repeated in the past in Germany and Russia before their move to Nazism and to Communism.
Marxist definitions ofimportance – 1) Deconstruction: an attack on any principle that is readily accepted as good standards of morality, honesty, virtue, or goodness in art, literature, religion, or laws of the target people and government. The vehicle is the press, radio, TV and Hollywood. The press and politicians are used in unison with the postmodernist (PM) elite. The PM appear to have no political ties but this is a smoke screen, their writing and philosophy can easily be tied to their desire to turn the USA into a socialist state.
2) Postmodernists (PM) – PM writing and philosophies are deeply entrenched in the doctrine that there is no real right or wrong, good or bad, that people fare in this life according to the craftiness of the individual. Their main goals are the destruction of the nation by a deviant philosophy. If you look at true Postmodernism you will see that it supports Marxist beliefs and philosophies and PM are the key players in supporting the principle of deconstruction. 
4) The Class approach –This principle drives a wedge between the family, splitting them, fracturing them, with Marxist ideological subversion in school, music, movies, TV, Radio, and the press. Children are taught a deviant philosophy unrelated to accepted morality. The indoctrination includes telling them that they should not accept the standards of the past, and that their parents are wrong and that they are smarter than the last generation. The main attack is on the family.   
5) Socialization- Defectors past and present have said that 85% of the budget set aside for the subversion of the USA is spent on movers and shakers (people) in positions of prominence in visible non government positions of the target group and government to change public opinion.
6) Artificial religion  (AR) – AR gives rise to artificial dogma, or a connection with nature that some may see as a connection to God, or a connection with nature that some may replace nature with a connection to God (The green movement is an example).  
7) Destroy the middle class—The central goal is zero employment. This is done by attacking business and the economy. For example in Pre –War Germany government restrictions were so bad that business owners had to have a full time attorney on staff to stay open (the same thing is true here today for large companies). The end goal is to have the top and the bottom and no middle, and move the bottom to rebel against the top. When the government is overthrown the restrictions on business are dropped and the government takes control of all government and business. 
8) The victims position of redemption—This is where the PM moves to unite any group or organization that has an ax to grind where they could be useful in deconstruction of the nation. The gay movement, woman’s rights organizations, and a host of splinter groups The Tide Foundation, Acorn, etc. are vehicles. 
9) Viable fiction (VF)— VF has two parts. One is the deviant acceptance of any principle outside the bounds of normally accepted truths another words claiming a lie is the truth or a bad philosophy or belief or government is true. The other is attack history, to state that history is not just a matter of fact but is flawed because of the person righting it interjecting opinion thus making all religion and history faulted, flawed and unreliable. This opens the door to interject any falsehood as fact. The public disregards facts because they can not tell fact from fiction. 
10) Marginalization—This takes any minority movement that the PM see as useful and push them to center stage(like gay rights). This also takes any mainstream belief, philosophy, and good religious doctrines, forcibly pushes them toward the margin, thus being marginalized.
11) Outer determinations – Make no mistake this is the next step above Marginalization we just mentioned above, but in this situation it is a solidification of a power base. This leaves the minority in control and the moral majority receiving minority treatment.
12) Social controls—This is tied directly into controlling people by controlling technology, Green house tax, raise energy costs to help cause inflation, or attack personal needs through things like utilities, electric power, water, gasoline, coal, and personal transportation.     
13) The victim’s position of redemption (VPR)—VPR allows the PM to unite people some having legitimate climes into a more radical base where they are taught that they are a second class held down. Individually they could offer little support but uniting them they are key in furthering destabilization of a nation (deconstruction).
 14) Active measures (AM)—AM is the uniting of those in schools boards, Hollywood, the press and Postmodernists in indoctrination of the next generation. As mentioned this is 85% of whatever Russia sets aside each year into re-programming the people of the USA according to defectors.
15) Building communism with non communist hands – This is closely tied to AM above and that is where people unknowingly help in the socialist principle of deconstruction with their misguided and selfish pet projects.     
16) Changing values –With the PM firmly in place they are now prepared to focus on changing values or moving away from the tried and true principles of the former generation. 
17) Public allusion—The public believes that this movement, in all its ugliness, happened naturally with public support.
18) Their goal: Infiltrate, deceive, indoctrinate, deconstruct the government, create a political vacuum, and stop the counter revolution (by force fraud and murder another words stop those trying to preserve the old government), fill the political vacuum with the new socialist government. From pre-gathered lists begin house to house arrests and open killing fields, and extermination-work-camps. This above list is from my own research and will be in my next book if it ever reaches print. RWN  
   We will first cover the postmodernist basic brief in the attack on art and a partial list of communist goals to overthrow America.  Note-- the mass-media, literary and intellectual side which is the spear point of the attack. These things can not be covered to their full extent in this article.                   
   (PM) Postmodernism in art is a Marxist system of downgrading art. It was done in Germany, Russia and has made inroads into France and England in our time and in any civilized country where art is important. Smears of bright colored paint, a pile of bricks, a commode (toilet) as a center piece in a major museum or the 2001 Turner Prize to Martin Creed for the dark room where the lights go off and on is a good example. Such awards are awarded to internal cronies in their own postmodern arena. To make post modernism work you need five things one is control of the press and the other is control of the central leaders of the American art world who got their jobs because of their Marxist philosophy and if you can show your agreement with their Marxist Socialist philosophy you may be able to become a Postmodernist art success. Also essential is the fact that the art form is driven by pro-socialist intellectuals with political connections. Any time that politics are involved it becomes apparent rather quickly that there is a move more in line with political gains rather than art. From the book Postmodernism by Christopher Butler  -- he continually focuses on the fact that Postmodernism is infused by Marxist intellectuals and not necessarily by the art world.
  So why has art become a matter of politics? Congressman Albert Herlong Jr. of Florida found the communist goals for the overthrow of the USA and had read them into the congressional roles in 1963 so they are now a matter of public records. Given the press support of socialist politicians, one can only suppose that many of their socialist goals are complete so listing a few of their goals from my next book. Here is a partial extract of communist goals.
21) Gain control of key positions in radio, TV & motion pictures.
22) Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all form of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to ―eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings‖, substitute shapeless, awkward, and meaningless forms.
23) Control art critics and directors of art museums. ―Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art‖.
 24) Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them ―censorship‖ and a violation of free speech and free press.
25) Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, and promiscuity as ―normal, natural, and healthy.
26) Present Homosexuality, degeneracy, and promiscuity as ―normal, natural, and healthy.
27) Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with ―social‖ religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a ―religious church.
 28) Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the grounds that it violates the principle of ―separation of church and state. (2012 Obama did not support a national day of prayer)
29) Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old fashioned, out of step with the modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a worldwide basis.

  I do not have to be long-winded to explain Postmodernism in art-- it is a Marxist system by plan. By downgrading art the next generations of artists have no avenue to express their artistic talents. Postmodernism gives the allusion that a man or woman’s art is worth nothing snuffing out the artistic hopes of that people. When the political takeover comes Postmodernist art is replaced by political oriented art. Hitler’s art exhibits in Germany after securing power is a good example of this second step. Art was destroyed that did not embody the new ideology. When Hitler invaded as a conqueror in other countries he simply did by force what took years to accomplish with the (Modernists was the name used before WWI &WWII  Postmodernists PM is the name chosen by them today) movement in his own country. So how do we counter this? Wealthy pro-constitutional oriented art lovers need to promote open shows to quality art. You have a discerning eye to make awards without having to rely on the Marxist art critics. What can regular artists do? Get permits for park exhibits there is no overhead no electric bills and no restrictions as well as an opportunity to present your valuable, quality, talent to the world. Freedom can be defended on canvas as easily as it can at the ballot box. And do not take it personal when the critics do not appreciate your art! Just remember we are looking at the same group that placed a toilet, stacked books, or bricks as a center pieces in a museums. Remember the room which got a prestigious award for the lights going on and off. It is time we returned to art that means something again. At this time of attack on our nation by socialism, perhaps your most important weapon is the brush, charcoal, oil paint and water colors. Perhaps they will be mightier than the sword.          
  Postmodernism is not limited to art in fact it is a broad based assault on freedom.
  The postmodernists see religion and American nationalism and its ties to the constitution as repressive to Marxism. During the 1970’s they recognized the stable base of the European and American’s as counterproductive, and even hostile to the spreading of socialism. This then led to the goal to repeat what was used with such success in the overthrow of Russia and Germany and begin to repeat it the USA and around the world. The way this was successfully done was to change the way a nation thinks. This takes at least one generation and sometimes more. It also takes the placing of people into positions of prominence in universities, the press, politics, law schools, the art world and Hollywood, high government nonelected posts and any conceivable position where people have a voice to chime agreement with the new philosophy and down grade established accepted good truths and our fundamental belief’s. During the 1960’s pro socialist radical college kids were on the fringe pushing for free love, legalizing drugs, removing the death penalty, abortion, some mention of gay rights all had its roots in the 1960’s. The Hippies as they were called were sponsored or perhaps a better wording were strongly influenced by the socialist leftists Marxists. Their goal was an attack on what they called the establishment, and their goal was to dismantle established government. Looking at their goals the list could include placing into power, priority and prominence everything that is being considered mainstream today by the press, in other words an attack on Christian values and the constitution. All of what we see now was priority goals and had its roots from the Marxist left. So how did we get here?
   Postmodernists are experts in using people on the fringe to achieve their socialist goals. The communists have said that much of the takeover of a nation must be performed by non-communist hands. Those helping with the overthrow of their nation may even be extremely opposed to communism of any type. But because the Postmodernists offer help with their pet project they become some of their most ardent allies. People involved may also see their pet project as an absolute attack on the moral fiber or the constitution of our nation but as some Marxist note these people are acting without “consensus”. The acting without consensus is a communist doctrine as mentioned by Layotard so keep in mind from what you will see, these people must not let consensus get in the way or they could not do what they do. The other part is “intellectual resistance” this is also a communist ideology and an assault on our liberty as real as if they had used a gun. Hitler wanted all Christian feelings of love and compassion burned out of the youth and wanted them as fierce as lions without consensus.  In Germany school fights were acceptable, youth camps had fighting as normal. In our case fighting is not acceptable for they want to prepare a subservient non aggressive race to rule. (this worked in pre WWII France) Other than this single change in tactics the rest of the plan is repeated as assuredly as if Hitler or Lenin were doing it today. First let us put this in order in the 1970 and 80’s no politician would admit to being a socialist. Yet many things in the courts as well as Washington were seen as victories by the communist world. Bill Clinton was perhaps one of the first to admit in a TV interview that he was a socialist at hart. This seemingly benign comment began socialist coming out of the wood work and now today in the upper levels of Washington more than 70 admit to being socialists.
  We are past the point of arguing that there is no communist plot and we are wide open if we stay in denial. This article is on the Postmodernist (abbreviated PM from now on) side of the attack. When you look at any attack your first question may be why religion?  Religions do not in general today seek for power, or to control Armey’s, yet like art -- religion has a trappable power base. Religion can derail bad government. So the press, intellectuals, politicians, and the other satellite groups connected to the socialization of America join in the attack. Yet at the glance it may seem as no attack, gay rights after all may seem as no one’s business. Yet the same system was used in Germany if you bother to look at books like the Pink Swastika or the Pink Triangle. The German gay community (Butches are mail acting homosexuals and Femmes are female acting homosexuals and they generally speaking do not like each other Femmes hang out with Femmes and Butches hang out with Butches) was then exterminated in two different purges first the Germans gave the Butches  and  authority to supervise the extermination of the Femmes and then the Germans oversaw the extermination of the Butches. Yet this is not an anti-gay or lesbian thetas, nor do I plan to spend any time mentioning them other than in the next few paragraphs as seems appropriate at the time as we move through the plot.
  (First, I Know that God lives so do not misinterpret my definitions and statements as being supportive of the PM plan.) For the PM plan to work in the attack on religion they first seek to claim there is no universal truth and that it (universal truth) is impossible to attain. The next step is to convince the public that truth is only applicable to the individual. In this step, saying that truth is only applicable to the individual is devastating as people are taught to believe that there is no truth, no morals, no virtue, no real law except the one applicable to the individual in less it is accepted by the individual, and finally no lawful judgments by God or man applicable to all people. In this type of philosophy leaves no true definition is possible or plausible. If you couple this with being descended from apes then they clam there is no God. Godley law as seen in the Bible is nothing more than man made laws not binding on the individual which brings us full circle back to no real central truth. The blessings and cursing’s in the Bible are then null and void and the individual fares in this life according to the craftiness and intellect of the individual. No one can accurately explain history the idea is subjective depending on the individual. This sleight of hand or magicians trick is nothing more than debate calculated to deceive the week minded. This opens the flood gates to criticize, slander, attack, and dismantle all truth. This is a Marxist principle called “deconstruction” to construct is to build up but to deconstruct is not only a method to tear down central truths but to construct pseudo artificial false replacements. Unfortunately it does not stop there but it recognizes apposing truths opposite of all accepted truths. Another words it whitewashes a lie calling it a truth. This finally allows them to call real truth fiction and then a truth a falsehood and finely real truths is called a lie.
This leaves individuals with this belief think that they can break away from the normal truths of society only to be governed by their own personal truth. Such people are then free from the old truths and are then free to rape, rob, murder, torture, starve an individual or a nation to death and do anything their heart desires with the Marxist principle firmly defending them “No Conscience”. They have an infinite amount of definitions and interpolations available to them and a zero base of values. They are then free to appetite, passion, lawlessness, with no anchor of truth other than their own. Truth is not literal but a fractured metaphor. It becomes very apparent that when such people take power they can commit the most heinous crime against a nation or an individual because in their view whatever they say or do is right. This argument of deconstruction can undo, subvert, dehumanize, destroy, undermine, any moral argument or text—or they would like the world to think so.
   The problems that the PM cannot argue away is the historical previous reoccurring models of truth, honor, integrity, modesty, virtue, honor, science philosophy, good art, etc that are repeated in history over and over again. These things are sure signs of preexisting unchangeable truths that surface in every culture. Here is another verbal sleight of hand that the PM use and that is to call history verbal fiction and not applicable to learning, this began in the time of US president Wilson and has been going on ever since but is accelerated today. History is rewritten and used to influence school children, so in essence if the PM cannot use history to meet their needs they simply change it. A good example is a government film showing small children that business is bad because it controls government yet the reverse is true. The other word used to confuse history by the PM is the word story when it comes to history. The word story already calls into mind fiction when we hear it. We need to look at good history as a whole and apply it to today and teach good history to our children. We must also point out to our children that there is so much established universal truth in the world today that the PM does not have a leg to stand on. The constitutional Christian right has so much good firm ground to stand on and a firm foundation repeated from culture to culture. The PM are then left to work with freely with those they can easily effect and use the press fearlessly to work on the weak minded.
   In defense of truth a good example is scripture you shell or shell not do certain things is pretty clear, cut and dry. Lying is a universal truth for I do not know of any culture that does not condemn it. Stealing in like manner is universally condemned. Placing sexual sin in its entirety is pretty simple because there is such a massive amount of things said against it. Adultery is intimate relations with someone else’s wife or husband is forbidden. Fornication is intimate sexual contact between two unmarried people and forbidden. Sex is limited to people of the opposite sex who are married which is not sin. Prostitution is a sin and not sanctioned. Homosexuality is forbidden in the old and New Testament called sodomy—sodomites-- or an act against nature. There are other sex acts I will not cover but they are rarer but sin none the less. If the Bible was the only reference for such feelings and beliefs in societies then we might have to lean toward the PM views. Yet these basic truths seem to be condemned universally by culture after culture with penalties as severe as death and some cultures with no connection with their religions to the Bible at all, yet these cultures recognize these truths.

  We must remember that the main focus of deconstruction is to criticize our core values, beliefs and philosophes and disassemble them and destroy them. Most critical is that they offer no replacement values, morals, or even a central plan to replace them. What they offer is a vain, foolish, downward spiral away from anything good, virtuous, or praiseworthy.
   The PM pick arguments that are not presently being argued like gay rights in the 1970’s probably 1977-- if memory serves a Doctor named Dean Edell a radio talk show host said on his radio show in effect that there was no universal medical proof that homosexuals had a medical condition or specific brain problem making them homosexuals. He nearly lost his radio show because of bad press and issued a retraction to keep his job. The point is that they were prepared to move us to accepting gay right as far back as 35 or 40 years ago and had no intention of letting a Doctor get in the way with medical science. Remember this same kind of push for Gay rights happened in in pre WWII Germany. The Gay community needs to remember that the PM approach to no real truth also goes down the road of no real loyalty when they are finished with you.
  The PM postmodernist’s also believe that social control, or people control is tied to controlling technology, industry, and finance. The PM love the Green Movement as it is tied so closely into controlling industry. PM groups also find it offensive that some people want scientific conformation and work to silence them. Scientists, doctors, educators, with opposing views are silenced. Hitler’s Germany is a good example Hitler wanted the nation to believe they were the super race. To keep up appearances he used the supportive PM in the press and fired professors who had information to the contrary. The PM then proclaimed that the German people needed to purge all false knowledge and burned the books of Germany. This is what is going on with the Green Movement, and Global Warming professors with opposite views are being fired and the press or publishers will not let them present or publish their information. Why not? Because what is going on is not about science but political power! This brings us back to truth if a PM is so opposed to truth then we must look at their stand as one in which they have no truth included in the fact that they have no truth is the rock hard fact that they have no morality for they believe that sexual repression is bad. Whether in the USSR, or Germany or the USA today the PM sees all work, texts and written lit., art, fashion shows, movies plays and film, radio and TV as something that represents the norm and that makes it something to dominate and deconstruct.                                             
. Back in the 1960’s and 70’s the press offered straight forward reports and people trusted the news Walter Cronkite was known as the most trusted man in America. He gave the cold hard facts and left the people to draw their own conclusions. Now we have the news and comment and the comments have been found to be un-factual, unreliable, slanted toward specific ideas beliefs and philosophies’ we do not believe in and the press is extremely negligent on publishing what is going on in Washington. The press weather at the news stand or on TV and radio is not trusted. The public ends up with a preconceived doubt concerning the exactness of the news. Why? Because we do not here the truth! Why not go back to reporting the facts and leave off the garbage because they want to indoctrinate us and have us unable to respond in a time when they consolidate power. They want us to think like a PM.
  Well you might say you do not think like a PM, you are not brainwashed, you are your own man or woman -- here is an acid test. The Cuban Missile Crises was reported on in the time of cold hard facts news reporting. My Dad produced a bomb shelter in two weeks. People were making preparations for war, buying ammo, food etc. Basic facts allowed people to make some good decisions. The 1970’s gas shortage had people pushing the government for more drilling more refineries and cheaper oil.
  You today are pumping gas at close to $4 a gallon and it is said it will reach $6, and the question is why? Your fathers and grandfathers would not have stood for it, and didn’t! Other examples 2011 the government passed a law so you can be arrested by the military and held indefinitely with no charges no evidence and no representation and no release. Life imprisonment, no parole, no proof of guilt, you become a noncitizen. 2011 A bill was passed so if you have over 7 days of food you can be considered a terrorist. 2011 if you own any ammo that was waterproofed you are considered a terrorist. If you are doing nothing now it is highly likely that you will do nothing on the day they hall you away. The PM program is successful that is why it is repeated.
   Countering being un-brainwashed is simple, learn the facts, research the facts, confirm the facts, know the facts so you can teach them, and respond to the facts. Join a pro constitutional group and pursue change. The fact that the people did not respond, accounted for the arrests of 30% of the Russian population and a like number of people in Germany. Non-Jews 8,000,000 were executed before Hitler ever got to the 6,000,000 Jews and the non-Jews he killed are barely mentioned in history books and hardly mentioned at all in documentaries if they are mentioned at all. Applying armed resistance was the right thing to do after exhausting all peaceful remedies but the Russian and German people could not process the danger they were in.  
    So how does the Marxist principle of “Active Measures” work? Good information is mixed with false information and it is offered so it is confusing and you cannot come to a definite conclusion. The other side of active measures is to educate at least 1 generation with false history, false science, false information, and challenge religious beliefs. Couple this PM mixed up information in network news conflicting reports in talk radio and the older and younger generation cannot make any real decisions in response to a problem.
 The other Marxist workable attack is “The Victims Position of Redemption”. For PM to take any fringe group and push them toward the center, women, minorities, sexually louse individuals who want acceptance by their church heterosexual or homosexual, basically any individual or group that the PM can proclaim as a second class held down or held back by society; though small in their own right when massed together they make a formidable sized coalition.
  Racism is dying in America case in point we elected a black President some time ago so the PM really do not have an argument “that the vast majority of people are prejudice”. We must conclude, if for no other reason than basic math that prejudice is on its way out. But from the PM perspective racism will be preached to every under educated minority who will listen.                                                                                                                 
  What to do with the mainstream as a PM postmodernist is to push them to the outside and call them terrorists, prejudice, out of touch, even calling them fringe movements. The only way this works is to have the press in your pocket and the PM do. The press chimes in and joins the PM chores marginalizing what used to be mainstream and paints their position as nonsensical, irrational, and anti-progressive. Religious order and doctrine and history as well as secular history are marginalized as nonsense of the target society replacing what was at one time considered and perceived as good with a mythical higher power from supposed grater enlightenment. The true examination of the thinking individual must begin by looking at who this system excludes and more important how they are excluded; and how to return the majority to the mainstream position they once had.
   This return is a difficult but not impossible task. It only requires that the mainstream become active in promoting good principles again. The most dangerous thing is to remain silent. Do not be insulted by what I am about to say. I am not targeting any group I mentioned in this article. But in the USSR and Germany power was being solidified by using and recruiting the most radical left wing homosexuals, women’s rights groups, criminally insane as well as the normal criminal population, people who were anti Somatic, anti-Ukrainian, Polish, or who had any other ax to grind against someone else. These PM groups in history would help build the power base in whatever country they worked in whether socialist, communist, nationalist socialist party-Nazi, or fascist. How deep do the PM go in the target society, state, or nation law schools, religious universities, political organizations in both political parties, TV radio, movies, judges, journals of medical and science print and press, art critics museum curators and directors, and basically organization that can help destabilize the target government. Though religion is counter-productive to the PM control system it is replaced with a connection to nature. This then can be accepted by people across the board and some even make a connection to nature and God or the organizing power of god creating a pseudo religion.
   Artificial religion gives rise to artificial religious dogma in most cases 180 degrees off center and in the opposite direction to genuine religious principles. This false religion is then given its own artificial authority which stands supreme to normal beliefs. What is its pulpit—the press and who are its ministers the words of the PM publicly popular. England elected the socialist workers party after WWII against the warning of English Prime Minister Winston Churchill so they are in many ways decades ahead of where we are now. This will give you a earth shaking jolt as to how successful the PM are on the attack of the church and where we are heading. In America some cities have 1 church for every 1000 people in England today church attendance has fallen to 2%. In prewar Germany church attendance was also in a tremendous decline because of PM influences. In one town the minister was only seen as useful for funeral’s and wedding’s he had to go door to door to make collections to stay alive. German functioning churches were eventually attacked and in one day 800 ministers were arrested and sent to concentration camps. The younger ministers were drafted and forbidden to preach and were not allowed to be military chaplains. Ministerial schools went underground and Hitler outlawed the Old Testament. His next step was to outlaw the New Testament and the church alter was to have a sword and a copy of Mine Comp (his book). Fortunately he did not stay in power long enough to complete his religious reformation goals. Children were reciting a daily pledge referring to Hitler as their lord.
  Supposing that we want to return to the standards that made this nation great we may find many of our youth apposed. The PM influence and propaganda is so successful that many of our youth, and adults as well, will see such a return to the old morals and standards as imprisonment and restrictive in nature. This allows the PM to increase its following with people who want nothing to do with the supposed restrictions of normal religion. The PM term this type of religion or their ideology as not being a religion but it has its own philosophy, doctrine, and belief system but the PM doctrine is as real as any religious doctrine. PM indoctrination further teach people that being supervised in a work activity is also a type of imprisonment and this can then be extended to any outward human activity. This system causes people to avoid political connections and they become resistant to moral connections and moral theories and organized religion. This resistance to authority allows the PM to focus on small scale local reforms. In the 1960,s it was called being against the establishment but today it is called “Objections Against the Regimes of Power” either way it is the same thing. It is supportive of a Marxist shift but they work with every fiber of their being to avoid visible political contact. But they are connected!
  From what you have just read the goal is to make any people feel held back by rules, religion, government, old beliefs and value systems. What the PM fail to tell you is that the goal of the PM is to undermine personal agency, freedom, self-accountability and responsibility of the individual. Thus they give welfare programs to the undeserving and restrictions of welfare programs to those who have fallen on hard times so they can louse what they worked so hard to get. Redistribution of wealth! This is the highest deception of the PM as to the lazy it appears as if they were given great freedom, but in the end all they end up with is total oppression.
   High school kids are a good example of PM pushing their goals. The US educational approach by the PM influence is simply to under educate students. I was a substitute teacher for over 10 years and it is amazing to note as I went from classroom to classroom how much time was spent in teaching students to prepare for an exit test that will determines if a kid graduates from high school. This limits the amount of class time used to educate a class and gears class time to test preparation. Teachers whose classes did not do well on the test the year before receive some sort of warning and in some cases my whole day was geared to test preparation. This limits the amount of schooling a kid gets and the USA has dropped from a well-educated people to some of the poorest educated in the world. High school dropouts are up, undereducated high school graduates are up, educationally prepared students for work even after a higher education is down.  Our old education system was very successful so why not go back to it? Because it was very successful!
  Since we have used high school kids as an example let us walk down that road a little farther. Given the PM media, movies and music have portrayed a “I want it now attitude” and the socialist government response has been to give out money, welfare, food stamps and housing to many of the undeserving (not all are undeserving this is a generalization). These kids are in two groups one group sees that an education is important and will make every sacrifice to go to school. This kind of kid will ride a scooter or drive a junk car and attend classes and sacrifice now so he can have a brighter future and drive any car he wants and live in a comfortable home. The American dream right! This can be compared to a funnel this kid restricts himself now like at the small end of the funnel so he can have a better future and like the widening end of the  funnel as he achieves-- his horizons open up like at the big end of the funnel. The PM “I deserve it now attitude” is destructive a kid drops out of school gets a burger job and buys a nice car and wants freedom now but like a funnel starting at the big end he feels free but as he moves forward with marriage, home payments, kids, car repairs and the like he finds himself restricted like at the small end of the funnel. This was well understood as normal and kids figure it out pretty quick and so dropout rates were low. The PM system steps in and sets this on its head government housing, food stamps, welfare turn the funnel around and saves the kid from his own shortsightedness. The kid who sacrificed is restricted and will be taxed and penalized so he can pay for the dropout’s car, home food and medicine. The redistribution of wealth! The end product of this PM socialist system is public controlee and loss of all freedom and eventual rebellion. From a Marxist standpoint Marx saw class, position, prominence, elevated work positions as inherent evils regardless of your effort, study, work experience, goals achieved, or education. Another words what you do or accomplish will not allow you anything better than anyone else. The redistribution of wealth is not limited to money. It is a perverted Robin Hood ethic system. Robin Hood returned tax money that was unjustly taken. Marx takes tax money and gives it to people who could work and will not. When socialist power is solidified these slackers are due for r rude awaking as they will be put to work in the new social order for next to nothing. The whole end goal achieved by using the PM system is population control whether you know it or not, or want to admit it or not is irrelevant, as in the end the whole nation becomes aware that they lost their freedom. It is just to late.
   The PM is ever so careful not to place you in  a position of awareness. No! This could prove fatal if the target people become aware to soon that they were being made into subjects of the new world order Such information is withheld until it is too late, the trap is sprung and we are subjugated.
  This explains why when we are in opposing to the Marxist PM system the press attacks and says we are divided, or have no sure argument, or we are conflicted. Protests are not reported on and the ones that are, are underestimated on the size or even wrongly reported on as to its purpose. From the book Postmodernism by Christopher Butler he quotes the PM poet Lind Hutchins “…puts into question that entire series of interconnected concepts that have come to be associated with what we conveniently label as liberal humanism: authority, unity, totalization, systems, universalism, Centre, continuity, theology, closure, hierarchy, homogeneity, uniqueness." End. This list paraphrases the attack or what must be called into question by the PM and nothing is off limits. The Press and PM create a multi front dismantling of society; they cast aside anchor ore and rudder leaving us adrift in a hostile socialist sea.
  Hobby opposition does not offer much hope of lasting success. A good example is the NRA (I like the NRA but) they only defend one aspect of the PM attack on freedom while the rest of the attack proceeds unchecked with little or no opposition to preserve liberty in the other aerie’s listed above. We cannot just focus on our own personal piece of the pie of freedom we are at a point where we must stand and defend the whole dinner table. The PM are counting on us not being that organized but you can count on them having already worked out the attack.
   Virtues, character, conscience, good and bad, knowledge, freedom, and liberty are concepts we understand, the anchors we know that work. But to a PM they try to make society think that these tried and true principles are continually open to change continually under a mythical perpetual contradictory construction program. Another words they try to contend that the human value and belief system is fictional, a falsehood. This is where the art world comes in contesting that the human form is not life like a myth in itself. But it does not stop there its base goal is to destroy human identity in film and reason, calling into question every moral; opening the flood gates to a generation who see the virtues of the past as an imprisonments. This view is what brings the PM vast amounts of socialist leftist support (many unknowingly adding aid to destroy  the nation ) it is also the line of demarcation leading to its most bitter opponents who rightly see the preservation of the nation having a tried and true anchor to our old values systems. This is where the word deconstruction from the PM shows its ugly head for what it is. Deconstruction, the De is the opposite of construction or the tearing down while the word construction is to build so it means to tear down the old virtues and values and replace or construct a pseudo artificial standard. The deconstruction or tearing down of American values, morals, and virtues simply stated can no longer hide the plan for the ultimate lust for power by perverting the next generation so the kids cannot make good decisions.
   This is the place the PM try to downgrade, marginalize, diminish and demonize those trying to restore our republic. We Americans of the pro Constitutional Christian Right must realize that the press is knowingly issuing false reports as to our position being marginal, and just because someone said that the world has changed does not make it so. Neither just because the press supports and claims that these deviants along with the political-- artistic, philosophical, educational gurus pro Socialist leftist beliefs  are somehow center stage in less they falsely made it appear so.
   We need to support our history our past and present as if it was one and our continual vigilance of the future for our children’s sake. Our political, religious, and social identity must be clearly and firmly defined for that is the center of the attack by our politicians first and foremost supported by the press and voices the PM they have placed into every organization that they can in government and non-government positions. 
   The PM attack on white males is interesting to say the least as PM want to see the general public to believe that white males are in a superior position to Indians, African Americans, Asians, Mexican Americans, and women the PM place an automatic enmity (hatred) to white individuals. This is strange music when you look and the number of PM whites involved.
   American employers are at grate disadvantage weather they are white or not in hiring qualified individuals. The employer cannot look at qualifications to hire the best person for the job but must fill a government quota depending on gender color and minority quotas. Years ago when women were pushing for equal rights one railroad was lacking in specific numbers of women in leadership. This particular company said that they were more than prepared to meet the quota. Eligible women showed up with their resumes and good candidates were chosen and put to loading and unloading boxcars. Soon a spokes women showed up at the Forman’s office and issued their grievances they did not have the upper body strength for that kind of work and beside that they were terrified about rats and mice to deal with. She also noted their educations. They all had college degrees and were ready for management positions that were opened. The railroad rep let the woman know that everyone in management had a degree and that they all spent a year or two in boxcars before they could start to go up the ladder. This allowed each individual the ability to know the job from the bottom up with no exceptions. The women quit! This is not and never discrimination you cannot run a successful small business and even some large ones and be forced to carry dead weight. Job abilities is not and never was discrimination GPA, physical strength and attributes, mental abilities, college degrees, trades certificates as in welding or machining, and typing ability are all qualifying factors for employment. Worker disabilities physical or mental deficiencies have nothing to do with employer discrimination. This may limit open employment to some yes, but only on the bases of the best man or woman for the job. Good people always make room for people with disabilities where they can this is the Christian thing to do. Two examples -- Mapleton dump truck business in east Texas. I needed a dump truck and found an old Junker cheap that needed some reparse. My brother was just down the street from it and allowed me to hall it to his house and work on it. I had no idea that it needed so much repair I was devastated and awe struck with so much jerry-rigging nothing was put together the right way some things were installed backwards. As I reached the end of the repair in getting the title in order I heard about old Mr. Mapleton. The man who fixed his truck and his other equipment in the 1960’s and 70’s was an old black man who could get employment nowhere else. He apparently had learning disability but Mr. Mapleton kept him on the job. I can only imagine the lost time and jobs from down equipment but Mr. Mapleton had a good heart. The other was a carpenter building a home for me he had a fair framing crew but the lead carpenter in charge of laying out the floor plan for framing was off for some reason. The man in the crew who took the lead carpenters place miss-cut boards and could not layout the peek for a single member roof frame. I was sick—a competitor was known for his getting the competition by underhanded dealings with workers and I was suspicious. In this case this this was not true. The owner of the framing company had known the young man since he was small boy he had a learning disability. The owner took over the layout and salvaged the lost lumber and offered to pay for my losses. He said as long as he had a company this young man would be employed. Good people have been doing this kind of thing for years without the government. I think we were a better nation because of it.
  PM exclude no one tying up vast amounts of capital and dead weight in the office or the jobsite draining a company’s assets making it impossible to make a profit. Hiring the disabled requires proper placement, or a small company can go belly up. Many large companies are caring people in the wrong positions because of government quotas. This is calculated to drain a company’s resources. PM attack the center no matter where it is whether it is in work, philosophy, ideology, honesty, or charity etc. PM requires a forced constricted charity not charity for charities sake but a forced edict, compassion by compulsion-- freedom encourages charity for the love of our fellow man. Socialism starts by forcing those deficient in abilities on business and then when it offers genocide on the sick and infirm the general public sees this as expectable to get rid of the dead weight. It is not hard to measure true charity as the better choice.
   For now we are not yet brainwashed to the point of general acceptance of genocide. PM creates a false hierarchy short in an inherent fairness. The boss does not have a say-so in running his own business. He must hire more people then he needs to meet government statistics and taxes as penalties are raised against him. Yet this is a form of brainwashing as the business owner is compelled to carry people he really does not need. He becomes callus to those with needs. People needing work that are disabled in jobs that could support massive numbers of them are hamstringed by having to meet quotas for women or minorities. The need for minority and women applying for qualified positions and receiving jobs is not being argued but the PM attack on society and business using them as pawns is.  Some very educated black people of our time (one is Bill Cosby) are saying the same thing minorities need to qualify themselves so they are not handed a free ride but an earned position. The PM created an environment where an over qualified white man is not hired but the under qualified minority is,  or where a football player at the local high school cannot get a job loading truck on the weekend but the company hires two women instead. We can never have growth in business by placing any under qualified person into a position he or she does not deserve. This section on business may seem out of place but the PM approach is simple let people have positions they did not earn, give them inflated wages they have no right to, exclude those who have worked to qualify. This kind of system creates hopelessness for those who have prepared themselves find that being qualified has nothing to do with success.         
  Moving along the fringe attack of the 1960’s with the hippy movement with free love, legalized abortion, legalized prostitution, legalized drugs, woman’s rights, and gay rights as a few examples have now been pushed to center stage. The problem is that these people are being played to help achieve socialist goals. The other part of the equation is that some of them are being used (duped) as part of the attack on the family. The PM doctrine to women is that family and home are not important but the carrier is. The PM doctrine is that homosexuals and lesbians need to be allowed nuptial and adoption rights to start a family. PM doctrine free love- children born out of wed lock will have mother and child supported by government housing, food stamps, welfare, and in some cases abortion. PM doctrine legalizes drugs, PM doctrine legalizes prostitution, PM doctrine (Hollywood and the press) are now working to make pedophile’s more accepted.
  Capsulizing the PM deconstructs everything work, home, family, business, politics, philosophy, religion, and art. Why? To replace it with socialism! How do we stop it? We put things back the way it was but this time all men and women are treated fairly.
 Outer Determinations, The Opposition—Not everyone will be happy to go back to a system where people have to qualify themselves or live within accepted standards. The best recruits to the PM element have been the liberal thinkers, and not all of them would consider themselves as PM and surely not all of them would want to promote socialism. Yet it is a truly recognized communist principle and policy that much of the work of socializing a nation must be carried forth by non-communist hands. Some of these people cannot see beyond their private ideology as to what a terrible position they have placed the nation in. To the PM these liberals are off centered enough in their opinions to help deconstruct the nation so they get PM support. All a liberal needs is to have an ax to grind for his or her pet project in social devaluation. The PM trick is to unite enough of these people and focus them on their pet project and the PM can now attack any normal principle the PM see as useful in deconstruction. The blind spot to this step is that the liberals do not see this as a PM ladder leading to power consolidation only as a means to achieve their pet project. But make no mistake the PM see this for what it is, another stepping stone leading them to political control. What I have just described is a Marxist principle called Outer Determinations. Outer Determinations leaves the minority in control and the rest of us receive minority treatment even though we may be in the majority. These people we are dealing with are centered by the press, focused and driven with an attitude of self. By magnifying their efforts with the press they can then be pushed over the edge to support Marxist, Fascist, Socialist or Communist goals depending on the type of socialism backing the minority. The PM can then carry on their attack of deconstruction of the: art, morals, standards, philosophies, and religion of the target nation. Let us put this simply, the attack is on anything related to the normal thinking of the nation and they attack anyone who questions their abnormal position. They also defend under the strongest of terms anyone who supports their deviant ideology. Powerful? Yes! Cunning? Yes! But more important, cunningly calculating! Each PM group is given an undeserved band box to stand on while the PM, press, judges, and politicians issue a seal of approval. Those on the far constitutional religious right are left to fight their way out of the restrictions placed on them by the PM minority.
  This is so successful that this system has been used in communist and socialist takeovers around the world. Here however the constitutional religious right have another problem without the press they have to fight an uphill battle. The pro constitutional religious right are also looking at right and wrong and has not recognized that PM socialism is planning the overthrow of their nation and that those who swore to preserve the constitutional are committing treason.
  Their Achilles heal is that the PM socialists is that they do not want to believe that the whole essence of their position is held together by a premise of deception, a lie so to speak. There has never been in the history of the world a successful socialist experiment. The other false hood is that the PM philosophy of no real truth, honesty, morality, or any Christian virtues as they claim. Then they are more than short on any good principles to replace what they worked so hard to destroy. There is also an allusion that they are cut off from political ties yet this is only a most useful marriage to the outsider as if you look closely the PM receive massive amounts of political and press support. Given that the PM work with so many splinter organization’s some of which could build their own competing power base there is a real danger that they could be cut off from the power they seek by one of these splinter groups. The other danger is that those seeking to preserve the constitution could regain power and demand real reform making socialism treasonable. To counter this they call western law, government, constitution, and history a system of repression, other word’s they present a series of unfounded and questionably visible lies. But if the press repeats it enough the gullible will believe it. The PM also take a tremendous chance in dropping realty, rational thinking, morality or moral position, religion, etc. because those with these connections may seek to vigorously defend them before the PM can secure permanent political power.
  The public’s week spot is allusion that there is nothing going on and that the PM have no doctrinal base which is not true they have a perfectly explainable doctrinal base and that is anything in opposition to laws, religious values, and morals of the target nation. The other week spot for the public we mentioned and that was that the PM the almost fanatical political and press support. Also hidden by the press but not by the PM is the literature supporting Marxism in America. Anyone bothering to look can read the PM plan in peace’s written by these tractors. But as in all socialist takeovers the press is silent as they have been infiltrated. The final blind spot the public is plagued with is the fact that the PM work entirely on a socialist Marxist model of government.
   Once more the system of socialization of a nation takes years and Russian defectors who have come to the USA have pointed out that 85% of their budget is focused on getting people of prominence to support PM in the USA, in subversion of ideas, morals, and politics. As far as spying goes, 15% of the budget is on espionage or stealing secrets. Given that Hollywood is a mane player it is not hard to figure out that they will not portray virtues as virtues. The attack on virtues by Hollywood and the press is not hard to understand when you really start watching what they produce and how it is a solidly setting on PM footing. This then paints a clear unmistakable view of Soviet Marxist involvement. This has not stopped even after the supposed fall of the Soviet Union. The goal is to deceive and indoctrinate until it becomes impossible to discern truth. The attack is not just on Christian values but also calls for being critical of any good institution, capitalism, literature, drama, Broadway plays, music, and our culture in general. The mythical promises of this perverted pied piper are a better future, world, and community by dismantling capitalism. This downward spiral in downgrading the sanctity of marriage, morality, art and architecture are all part and parcel in the plan. Many in Hollywood in the upper crust support the PM views in the highest degree so it is not just the press we have to worry about. These people hire and support people as actors, directors, and righters whose weekly movies and TV are without any good principles. The need to achieve nudity in Hollywood goes back many years. July Andrews who played Mary Poppins and in the Sound of Music was blackballed for not accepting partially nude parts in movies. When she finally accepted such a part she was made the brunt of jokes on late night TV and blackballed again for a short time. The message was well taken if you want to work in Hollywood you will have to pedal their garbage or you will not work. Those who get or have principles do not work in the industry they are not wanted. Western movies went from the contest of the good and bad guy to the very bad and the slightly better bad guy who will win.
   The key steps to PM movement in art, music, the movies, the press or the stage, is to change that which is familiar, normal, accepted moralities to be absolutely unacceptable. How do you do that? First you must put people of like minds in key positions. Second If you were a PM Marxist you claim that any accepted standard, principle, of moral, whether it is generally accepted by religion or not is part of a counter culture unworthy of national support. The key step is a downward spiral of normal ideas- to ideas which are unfamiliar, to that which is hard to accept, to that which must be ignored because of law or edict, or pressure from the press. The bad will now be overlooked, and finally accepted because of the extreme pressure on those who speak out. The bad principle must now be overlooked, or we become a target. Finally the fractured belief, concept, or philosophy is accepted by the public-- this took decades yet we are there.
 Looking at a few examples of PM indoctrination—The first swear word begins the downward spiral. People were banning and boycotting the 1939 movie “Gone With the Wind” because the word dam is used. Curse words on the radio would have the FCC pull their broadcasting license. Most movies had the good guy and the bad guy and the good guy always won. By the 1960,s movie morals fall sexually suggestive scenes were prevalent in most films, the police were called “Pigs” and authority figures were downgraded in the movies. By 1967 the movie “The Good the bad and the ugly” were portraying the bad guy and the slightly better bad guy who won. Ladies underwire commercials could only present their product on a mannequin. PM assault modesty the bikini fashion is released beach movies show women in this scanty attire and there is an acceptance of women in Minnie skirts as well and the song “Itsy Bitsey Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka dot bikinied” is made a hit and soon thereafter underwear commercials use live models. National television tells its first dirty joke on late night Johnny Carson show and the stations are flooded with litters complaining yet PM spend inordinate amounts of money to further this as well. Comedians in Vegas and in the public entertainment are paid higher salaries for incorporating dirty jokes in their acts. People complained but because of the constant flood of this filth complaints fall off. The next step TV and movies in the 1970’s offer more sexually suggestive entertainment, more violence, more nudity and women are shown as connected to sex and pleasure rather than people of worth. Woman’s worth is downgraded and virtue is seen as unacceptable. Women actresses are shown as immoral, lustful creatures who will have sex at the drop of a hat. About 1977 Public TV shows the first totally nude live woman in a documentary on Rome. Letters flood the stations around the country they claim that they did not know the seen was in the documentary. Upper body nudity is shown in movies and sexual scenes’ are now common. The public want a return to morality in movies but the PM Marxists argue that this is censorship.  A rating system is now in place so parents can protect their children but the brakes are off and movies and TV will get worse and worse.
   Pm begins its first gay rights attack in Dade County Florida in 1977 making same sex homosexuals equal in their relationships. It is repealed because of the singer actresses Anita Bryant efforts. This is where the PM show it head for one of the first time as producers, directors, press agents, and business owners want to destroy her popularity. However the public letters overwhelm the PM producers, directors, press agents to the point that they must withdraw. After a cool down period she Anita Bryant is moved away from so much public view by plan. The press now begins a campaign to suggest that being homosexual is normal, this will take decades. PM will eventually incorporate homosexual teachers in California so that some estimates are that 1/3 are homosexuals. Further PM attempts are in play in California to hire Marxist teachers but Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger vetoes the bill. (Why so much PM involvement in California- because of Hollywood-- it is said that as California goes so goes the nation)   
  1980’s will bring PM into a land slide of attacks in different arias. PM support for the green movement is brought to the front in order to attack business. PM border line moves having a PG rating leaving parents to decide what trash their children see. PM attack on coal fire electric generators, Pm attack on nuclear energy production, PM attack on business where products are made outside the country and final assembly is here. (This will end in products final assembly stopped here and millions and millions of jobs are lost.) This is a Marxist assault having nothing at all to do with any type of morality. There is no replacement offered when they go on the attack. It is simply the Marxist plan of deconstruction.
  Let me deviate here for a moment I have just stepped on everyone’s toes. If you are pro green and not a Marxist then you need to get over the fact that the man who wants cheeped gas at the gas pump is not your enemy. If you are a Christian or a homosexual, you must get over the fact that it is not and never was a war for rights, an “us and them” conflict though the PM would love you to think so. It is not! You will either recognize the Marxist principle of deconstruction for what it is or you will be buried together when the government is finally solidified. Look in history and see what happened when the PM finally got what they wanted politically. They will remove all civil rights, government restrictions will be increased or decreased to attain absolute power; they will remove any political, social, green movement, laws, or rights you think you had won, that they and you pushed and worked so hard for and you will not get what you were promised. What you will get is Tyranny. This is a very successful program it has worked in every government that has fallen to socialism. What the general public cannot see is the fact that they are staring down a Marxist gun barrel with a hair trigger hidden behind PM goals that sound and look good but the loss of freedom is the un-mistakable bang in the end as the trigger is pulled. There are so many organizations which are either PM or useful to PM so supported by PM and sung with a hallelujah cores by the press. Fallow the money financially PM financing by men like George Sorrows or the government backing them so you must do your own research to find the hidden support.
  Rethinking your position-- First if you are a Christian read the book Bonheoffer it has some holes leaving out much of the PM work and advances into taking the German peoples religious freedom. Yet you will see the layout of the PM attack on the church in Germany as ministers are arrested and replaced by government clerics. Most important it will show the PM attack on the church in the USA, as schools were adopting doctrine outside normal Christian beliefs here in America as he, Bonheoffer becomes an exchange student. It will also show where the press in the USA supported such doctrinal changes. Remember that the attack on art and other principles of evolution (though the German people are told they were the super race we are being told we came from apes) were going on just as they are now.
   If you are a homosexual or lesbian read the Pink Triangle, and the Pink Swastika and you will see how homosexual rights was used to solidify power followed by gay extermination programs. You will also see how homosexuals were infiltrated into the Boy Scouts followed by the closing of the scouting program and the creation of the Hitler youth.
   If you are Green you need to look in the library for books on the dismantling of German business and inflation and German finches problems by using law. The PM green movement main purpose today is to create standards so high and unattainable that the business will leave the country.
  If you are a pro party animal, or wealthy in your own right and consider yourself as an all-around good fellow, you need to research the German club life. A free moral nation is what has allowed you to secure your money and pursue your passions. But take away the moral majority and you will be left at the mercy of those with no mercy. It is true of Russia as well but the history is more available on the German movers and shakers who would be made extinct by the new order. Take away the moral majority and you will lose all your security. Prewar Berlin was the European version of our modern day Los Vegas. At the end of the war these clubs were empty as they tried to reopen them, but the people who had supported them before the war were dead. Morals had fallen so far that in some prewar German communities the people had moved so far from their connection to the church that the clergy were seen as only useful for weddings and funerals and basically were beggars going from door to door asking for donations. You also need to look at present English church attendance where the churches are being sold and turned into movie houses. England is lousing their moral majority. People with very low moral fiber need to look at the world as a place that cannot survive without the majority of the people with principles. Perhaps a hard pill to swallow? When a nation moves away from principles those who have no principles are placed into power and some of their first prime targets are people without principles who helped get them to the top. In the new order whether here, Germany, Russia, or even among the mob bosses or the lowly street gangs when power is solidified any player who may be a threat is exterminated. People with money, fame, industry, commerce or trade--- men who are shipping magnets, stock brokers, and business owners or included people who are players party animals whose main possessions in life is only fame with very little resources yet their flare allowed them to move in upper circles; should see their names on death lists because if socialism wins here you are expendable. When any person or persons acquire absolute political control they can destroy any business, individual or organization to elevate their control. No man woman or child of the upper crust is safe.
  Steps in the PM decline of morals took decades to perform. The downward spiral starts in small things but would look something like this. The goal is to change that which is familiar to that which is unfamiliar to that which is hard to accept to that which should be ignored to that which is bad but conscience causes you to overlook the bad in things you are exposed to (your own brand of personal censorship). Eventually however as a people we are moved to acceptance of things our grandparents would have been outraged about. Case in point the movie Gone With the Wind was not watched by good Christians and a boycott occurred because the word “Dam” is used. Now you would be hard pressed to watch some evening TV show where a swear word is not used. Ladies underwear commercials required that the bras and panties be shown on manikins. We have moved past that however as PM pushes every boundary. Latoya Jackson showing her bare breast on national TV is a good example, calling it a wardrobe failure. Yet if that was the case she would have had it least the decency to cover her chest with her hand as soon as she could on stage Though she covered it later. PM have boundaries to cross to make deconstruction complete but we are nearing the end. Their counterbalance is socialist Washington. 
   To give you an idea how far PM has moved us in deconstruction, in the 1950’s a high school boy or girl believed in higher standards of morality. A boy who got a girl pregnant would be held off limits as no respectable girl would date him. He would feel his life was in ruin! High school pregnancy was unheard of, yet today 50% of babies born in hospitals are to unwed mothers and there is no way to tell what the true numbers would be because of legalized abortion. PM backed by the government pushed for letting girls stay in school and this created an acceptance among the next generation of such bad behavior as being acceptable. Who is paying for those unwed mothers  we are. By Richard W Norman Author of “All American Anti Disarmament Handbook”    
All American Anti-Disarmament Handbook

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