Friday, September 28, 2012

Lead home made casting pot Magmaw 10 of 20

Thermal couple clamps. Metal is plastic you can make any number of parts with a hammer and a vice. Mark the metal and clamp it down and wack away and you can make a right angle. If you want a arch pinch a corner  and tap it. Do it the same way each time and you can make duplicate parts. The thermal couple can not be crushed. The nuts will be finger tight with liquid Lock-nut. A tin foil cushion might also be tried. 
Note the copper vice jaws by the vice to the right were made out of 3/4 water pipe they allow me to work with parts I want to have a good finish on. To the left is a 3 ft tall rack full of varying grades of Emory cloth and sand paper. 
A Blog has the ability to up date material and even though time has passed and this is an old post I noticed that a lot of people will only view one page and move on. So it seemed practical to place a photo of the finished product on each post.   

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All American Anti-Disarmament HandbookBullet Casting: A War Time Resistance GuideBooby Traps

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