Monday, September 17, 2012

Lead home made casting pot Magmaw 7 of 20

Aligning the parts. The top was finished in size to match the bottom (except the top lip toward the front of the pot was a few inches longer) and in normal mass production a jig would have been made which would have allowed the top and bottom to set in proper alignment. This could have have been little more than some angle iron at the corners of the jig which would have allowed for the parts to be set in and the bottom and top would be spot welded quickly before being moved for final welding. For my purposes in building one pot a small carpenters square was used to get the top and bottom aligned. A board was set on top and I leaned on it so the welding rod had no chance of sticking and moving the work. After spot welding the part was rechecked for alignment. Spot welds are easy to remove with a hand grinder if things were not right. Note the discoloration showing the internal weld was done. The temporary spot welds were on the outside. 
By flipping the pot on its back after spot welds it was checked against the flat concrete.To view next post click

A Blog has the ability to up date material and even though time has passed and this is an old post I noticed that a lot of people will only view one page and move on. So it seemed practical to place a photo of the finished product on each post.   

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