Friday, September 14, 2012

Lead home made casting pot Magmaw 6 of 20

This is the 1/8 thick pipe I almost used for the melting pot
Using a chop saw. This is in no way anything but an emergency procedure. Do not try this at home. I have some skill with metal and know when to stop and adjust and proceed. 
Milling parts with machine tools is proffered in any circumstance and a chop saw is not a machine tool. But in a time of a national crises a chop saw could be made to do some fantastic things. A chop saw that does not exist but could be made --would be a base with an adjustable vice that will go up and down and side to side and a stop on the saw for depth. With this in mind such a saw could produce near milled parts that could be finished with a file. The chop saw hand work done was done using very small worn out chop saw blades. In my book I show safer but slower solutions to making a SMG bolt by hand. Given that US manufacturing and production has been moved overseas and even if the vast majority of the public had a machine tool they would not be able to walk up to it and make a part. Do not try this at home it is only an example useful for a time of crises. A spinning chop saw blade is moving need the speed of a bullet and a broken chunk of abrasive blade can maim, blind or kill. 
Laying out metal for top lip. Junk Metal is not junk, a few welds and cuts and you create a part.

I first removed a rectangle of metal so as not to wast the metal or the chop saw blade
A hand grinder was used to finish the circles.The parts were laid on a flat surface and spot welded and flipped over as you see here. Note the peace at the bottom is 1/4 inch  thick and the rest of the top is 1/8 thick. I need to tap 2 holes for the drain and wanted the extra strength for the drain valve bracket. To view next post click

A Blog has the ability to up date material and even though time has passed and this is an old post I noticed that a lot of people will only view one page and move on. So it seemed practical to place a photo of the finished product on each post.   

 Richard W Norman         
    If they pass laws against guns then you will either make your supplies at home, salvage or do without. 

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