Thursday, June 18, 2015

AR Gun and Parts Manufactures and Suppliers List

To do an AR build you need to know where to shop and have a verity of names of companies where deals may be found from time to time. This list will provide you with places to look for a variety of AR Parts, uppers and lowers and finished guns.  I listed everyone I could think of if you know of others make a post
Some sellers and manufactures offer a warranty this information would be important to confirm reputable companies will offer good service others will offer limited warranties stating that anything you add to the gun will void the warranty. This is in some cases unreasonable like putting on a scope on a flat top AR upper.You obviously can not shoot the gun without it.

Scratch and dent- - when working on a low budget ask for factory blemished parts this may take a phone call but you can build a high quality gun at cut rate prices.

1) Andersons AR parts-- Large scale AR Builder and gun seller ( when I wanted a cretin barrel they were out of stock on I was told to make a note and they made it up for me with no additional charges. Like having a local gun smith on line. What service! Good people!) 
2) American Spirit Arms AR parts manufacture
3) BCM High quality mill spec AR guns and parts (to cut cost ask for factory blemished )
4) Bushmaster --Good reputation is known
5) Colt--  Good reputation is known  
6) Stoner Barrels and parts – said to have nothing to do with the AR inventor of the basic AR design but it appears to be Midways trade name given to various gun parts. Just because the part was made by someone else does not mean it was a bad part. Midway is a reputable company and backs their products.
7) DPMS – Large scale AR Builder and gun seller
Green Mountain Gun Barrels—Appears to be limited to production and manufacture of an extensive line of gun barrels with a good offering of AR barrels.     
8) Double Star AR—Made for the Military and law enforcement and civilian use in their own shops and said to be very reliable.
Guns America-- Large scale large volume supplier
9) Browniles – Large scale large volume supplier  a good warranty many products have a 100% unconditional life time guarantee. 
10) Founding Fathers Armory—Relatively new but specializing in one of the highest quality AR receivers you can buy.  If you plan an AR build the few extra dollars you will spend will be worth it. Watch out Colt and Bushmaste  for Founding Fathers! "No, I do not work for them, or get paid by them!" (To cut costs ask for factory blemished surprising as it may seem many of the factory blemished lowers can not be told from the #1 product that is the kind of quality control they run.) 
11) Midway -- Large scale large volume supplier  a good warranty
12) Olympic Arms -- Said to be an OK product but had trouble navigating their website
13) Denials Defense-- Prices $280 dollars and up for barrels May find a comparable substitute for less.
14) Veriforce-  Currently not a brick and mortar store but an e-shopping store.
15)Numrich Gun Parts in business for over 60 years and carry a wide variety of AR parts as well as rare and hard to get parts for other guns.

The lower and upper recover is the foundation of a good AR. Plastic products in the upper and lower would probably not offer long term use in a stress situation. Some of the look of the new plastic parts can hardly be told from the look of metal parts.Do not scratch the part on the gun as you will get the owner ticked off. Flip the upper and lower receiver with the flat part of your finger nail and you can hear the plastic sound. You will want good parts that last I have seen plastic clips that have had their lips worn thin so buy good products.metal ways a little more but would last. Your life may depend on it but you you do not have to break the bank if you are careful nor do you have to spend an arm and a leg. The suppliers above may not be an all encompassing list but it is the ones I know about. If you would like to add another vendor make a comment.
Richard W. Norman

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