Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bayonets on the AR

National disarmament is such a long range goal that there is a lot of misinformation out there. If you look back at Russia and Germany as they made the transition into socialism and communism there were moves to transition their people away from guns. This was done by packing the leadership with many political people who were friends of socialism in the press and upper crust of individuals with clout in the government. Terms were used that are being repeated today in anti-gun rhetoric. Terms like non sporting arms are guns without bayonets etc. Not mentioned in history was the pee WWII registration of cutting and slashing weapons and their confiscation in national disarmament.
 Guns like the AR15 with the M4 configuration have their bayonet lug set back so a bayonet will not be an effective tool on the gun. In fact the bayonet if clipped on only sticks out 4 inches and any slight movement will have the bayonet make a rattling noise. The military is currently saying the day of the bayonet is gone. But it is a known fact that if short on ammo and if you can come out in a controlled assault on a soldier you can retrieve his gun and a bayonet is as good a tool as it ever was. To place restrictions on guns with bayonets when the military and government today keeps saying the day of the bayonet is over is simply a method of placing guns without one  in a position where they could not be used in an offensive assault in a national takeover like  happened in Germany and Russia. There has to be near “0” statistics on people in the USA being killed with a bayonet attached to a gun so why the concern in pre-communist Russia and Germany or the BATF today? A bayonet on a gun from hiding is an effective tool in a time of national disarmament when ammo is in short supply. By today’s standards a very sharp bayonet will pears many bullet proof vest when a bullet will not. If what was done in Germany and Russia is repeated here bayonets will account for many loses, so to eliminate some of those loses they want to ban the bayonet.  
Richard W Norman  Author of American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom       

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