Tuesday, June 9, 2015

AR Head Space Gauges

 Head Space Gauges right now are like gold and so you should look for the best deal you can get. The question is whether you need one. Of course the gun needs to be checked with a gauge but depending on the gun shop this might be a nominal charge and keep you from having around  a product that you gave about $30 each for.

On the AR the bolt is removed and disassembled. The head of the bolt has the pins driven out and the ejector claw and the ejector cylinder pin removed leaving a striped bolt head. The striped basic bolt is temporally put back together and closed on the "GO" gunge and it should close. The bolt is removed from the receiver and the "No Go" gauge is inserted the bolt is brought forward but this time it should not close. The gun passed the test. If the gun will not close on the "GO" gauge it has a head space problem! If you shot the gun it may not close on a loaded round and you can have the bolt driven down your thought. If the gun closed on the No Go Gauge and you shoot the gun it can blow up.

Companies that make the gauges Forster, another Clymer,

Graff  and Sons sell  Head Space Gauges for about $5 to $10 under price of many others pricing and as much as $25  under others. www.grafs.com   No I do not have any connection with this company
Richard W. Norman Author of American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom

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