Tuesday, June 16, 2015

AR 15 Barrel Nut Lockup Solution

Looking on the internet people have said there are problems with barrel nut locking up to the upper receivers. The problem is dis-smellier metals! It does not matter which you chose copper and steel, aluminum and steel, etc. when they touch there is an electron exchange and corrosion begins and an untreated spark plug can fuse itself in an aluminum head. It seems the auto industry has already solved this problem. Mechanics have for years have had to deal with this but now they do not! At an auto parts store you will find small packets of a product specifically made for this purpose at Autozone it is called Anti Seize and sold in a small package for about a buck and should do one gun, For AR builders Napa it is called Anti Seize they sells an 8oz. bottle for $9 and a 16oz bottle for a little under $25. . If you have nothing else automatic transmission fluid works on car spark plugs works reasonably well and should work on an AR too.

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