Saturday, June 13, 2015

AR Sight System, Scopes, Flash Llight Illumination, and Lazars

Lazar sights – Night self-defense offers some problems when using a Laser sight. Yes, you will hit what you are aiming at but your laser sight offers a target for your opponent to aim at. You are best served by a laser switch which lets you turn on the laser when you have your gun already pointed at your opponent. Push the button and fire.
Gun Flashlights- Flashlights offer your opponent an advantage as he can indiscriminately pepper the place where the light is coming from with indiscriminately shots keeping himself in the shadows. For a dollar or two buy a LED high powered flash light. Turn it on and from a secure position role it in the middle of the room with your opposition He will now be illuminated and you can stay in the shadow.

Red Dot Sights – These are particularly helpful as no laser is being used no origin of light is being sees by your opponent  back to you and no matter what if the dot is on your opponent (if the scope was properly sighted in) you will hit him.

AR Flattop Platform – Do not get me wrong these are fine guns but if there was a war parts get lost. People drop things, and there will be no replacing them. If your batteries are dead and your sight system is down you can only offer approximate shots. I think the military style A2 upper offers the best platform. On the A2 carry handle you can install a top rail with a single finger nut and run your read dot scope and it works fine. In a stress situation if your scope gets damaged you will still have your iron sights If you have the clip on A2 upper carry handle for your flattop and get separated from it you will have nothing at all.

Overkill on scopes—people many times do not know the limitations of the gun they own. The gun barrel length, gun barrel condition, shortcomings of the ammo, etc. can be factors in determining whether or not to put a scope on a gun. For example if a gun barrel is worn from years of use a scope will not improve gun accuracy you might as well get a brass lamp and rub it and wish for the gun to shoot better. Some old gun whose barrel is pristine and is extremely accurate using the iron sights is a different story and would well merit a scope.  Short barrel guns and  guns that shoot pistol ammo should not be considered as a scoped gun. The exceptions is guns where the scope matches the maximum accurate range or the weapon like read dot scopes on an AR M4 16 inch barrel carbine. To tack on a high powered scope would be foolish yet I have seen it done.    
Richard W Norman  Author of American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom 

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