Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ammo Application in Gun Function Part 1 of 12

Part One This tutorial will cover  Gun Clips, Stripper Clips, and Webbing to hold clips, looking at Magazines, and Magazine springs, and speed loaders. Photos and instructions on salvage are included.
Some people are buying guns that had never planned to own one. When asked why they say I want one in case guns are taken away. Some basic information could be critical to how to use a gun to its best advantage. Homemade tin can clips will also be discussed. 
The supply system to a gun determines the usability of a gun. The quicker a gun can be loaded the faster the response. When people think about a bolt action gun they think of hunting rifles and military surplus bolt action guns as being in the same ball park. Even the old bolt action surpluses guns can be used with great effectiveness against superior guns today. Looking at the loading system of military rifles, some time ago, in talking to one man, he had a SKS rifle but did not like it much as he had to load the gun one bullet at a time. When I mentioned that the gun used a stripper clip to load with he said “what is that”. He owned perhaps one of the most formidable battle weapons of its time and did not know how to load the gun. I am not insulting any ones intelligence-- people are rushing into guns for fear that the government may become oppressive. Many years ago I felt the need for a gun for my family’s safety and I too was ignorant about guns. People need simple information to enlighten them on what they own and how to use it. The following instructions and photos will be useful. Just because you own an old surplus bolt action gun it does not mean it is in the same the league as a deer rifle. The surplus gun stands above. A deer rifle has its plusses yes but a surplus military weapon from any war was built to go toe to toe with the enemy. For historical target shooting having the ability to speed load your gun is 99% of the fun. For self-defense for your home of course a handgun would be first choice for convince and immediate presentation but not everyone owns a handgun. In the exchange of fire with a rifle in your home your old military gun is no slacker. In that case I would rather have a military rifle over any deer rifle ever made. For the first five shots they would be equal but that is where comparison ends. If you have a small clip pouch on the sling you are back in business after the first five shots. For home defense with an intruder in another room, after appraising his general location and the locations of residents and neighbors you can start making holes in walls. Even a cinder block house would not deter many bullets from a high powered rifle. The purpose of this article is to help you realize the formidable difference and present an inexpensive viable solution to make your surplus gun usable as it was intended to be. End of part 1 of 12 To see the next post click here

If they pass laws against guns then you will either make your supplies at home, salvage or do without. American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom 

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