Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ammo Application in Gun Function Part 6 of 12

 Part 6 A few examples of crossing webing ---1903 Springfield in caliber 30/06 and Indian A2 Ishapore Enfield in caliber 308, and the American Enfield in 30/06 use the same stripper clip so they can use the same webbing.
The above ammo pouch is a WWII collectible. It holds a canteen and is worn around the waste. The aftermarket new production models are about $25. The ammo represented above from left to right. 7.62 X 54 Mosin Nagant clip, 8MM Mauser, 30/06, and 308. This webbing is very desirable in new production products among shooters and the investment is relatively small.     
 The 1903 Springfield used a waist belt seen above; the same ammo pouch was used in two world wars. The pouch will hold two 5 round clips in each pocket. The waist belt has 10 separate pouch on the webbing waist band as described above with 2 clips in each pouch or 10 pockets  times 2 stripper clips  times 5 bullets each = 100 bullets. This means you would need at least a minimum of 20 stripper clips. This gun also used a canvas bandolier that was disposable and had a strap that slung over the shoulder this allowed a soldier to carry a lot more ammo and these bandoliers can be made out of inexpensive cloth. Any clip fed gun can use a bandolier to increase a soldier’s firepower in an emergency and is for our purpose simply a good way to store your ammo making it very usable if there ever was a time of trouble. In any case if you cannot afford the webbing you can produce the bandoliers.
The American Enfield
This gun also uses the 30/06 cartridge and the same webbing and stripper clip.
Indian A2 Ishapore Enfield
This gun uses the 308 NATO cartridges and the same webbing and stripper clip. This gun is perhaps the most misunderstood. The A2 was designed from the factory to shoot the 308 NATO cartridges. But the rumor is that the guns were re-chambered from surplus 303 British Enfield’s. Continuing with the rumor—since it was a rechambered 303 British Enfield the 308 bullet rattles down the oversized 313 barrel. The metal is too soft for the higher pressure 308 ammo and the gun can fail. (Some amateur gunsmiths may have rechambered some 303 to 308 look at the metal band behind the bolt and it should read A2.) The fact is the American over the counter cartridge bought at the store has a chamber pressure 20,000 pounds higher than the 308 NATO cartridges that the military uses. This gun is perfectly fine shooting military surplus 308 ammo or reloaded ammo at NATO chamber pressure and is a superior cast bullet gun. You should never use over the counter 308 ammo in this gun. The gun has a few other small correctible clip problems explained later in how to choose a company to buy a clip from.       
The M1 Garand  
The clips for the M1 Garand holds 8 bullets the webbing for this gun was a holdover from WWI from the guns mentioned above and has 10 pouches that holds 10 clips so 10 X 8=80 bullets. You would need the webbing and at least 10 clips. Given that this gun uses a clip that is an integral part of the function of the gun most people will want as many clips as they can get to match their ammo storage. I stopped by a gun shop and these clips are also about $1 each but they can be as high as 10 for $24. In WWII this gun was said to be able to kill the enemy in the Black Forest in Germany when they were standing behind trees up to three feet thick with our men using armor piercing ammo which is not sold or available to the public anymore. None the less the hard ball copper jacketed 30/06 ammo has devastating penetration ability no matter which gun it is used in. End of part 6 of 12 To see the next post click here

 Richard W Norman 
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