Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ammo Application in Gun Function Part 8 of 12

Part 8 Some people say the down side of the SKS is the fact that it does not have a detachable magazine. On the AK you must take an empty mag and use an adaptor and then a stripper clip. Small parts like the AK stripper clip adapter get lost in a fire fight so you better have a few extras in case you drop one. On the SKS the stripper clip fits in the gun no extra parts. People buy the aftermarket 20 and 30 round mag’s for the SKS which function reasonably well but the mags are not built with the needed attention and quality control for a military weapon. Many of the aftermarket steel mags do not have enough spot welds and can separate.
This SKS mag is connected by only two spot welds on each side; there is room for at least 3 more spot welds in this most critical location. In a stress situation a good bump and this mag is toast. For sporting activates such a clip would be fine but in an emergency would you bet your life on it  

The SKS should be left alone for best results as replacement stocks are generally designed to only accept the stock makers magazines. Most of these mags are also made of plastic. Some of the mags will break if the bolt is not open when you try to remove the mag. Some replacement stocks will not accept the original factory mag so the mag jams the bolt open and the mag rattles around causing ammo jams as well. Some replacement stocks will not function with any mag except the one designed by the stock maker. Finally the plastic mags ware out. The plastic lips get thin and the lips eventually brake.  Some people will sell or throw away the old wood stock and find out too late that the gun is no longer reliable and will offer an even trade of their expensive plastic stock for an original wood stock. The SKS works best as it was designed! If you want to see a lot of different plastic stocks for the SKS go to a number of pawn shops and those SKS’s are there many times because they do not work well as they were adapted to a very nice looking poorly designed plastic stock. The best mags for the SKS are the 20 round fixed box mags shipped into the country some number of years ago. Most were made in China for the SKS during the war in Vietnam and they use two 10 round stripper clips. People who have them do not sell them and no more have been imported or made for import which is a shame. End part 8 of 12 To see the next post click here.
  Richard W Norman 

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