Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ammo Application in Gun Function Part 7 of 12

Part 7 clips continued  The 8MM Mauser any old cloth will do
The 8MM Mauser uses a different stripper clip but the same webbing seen part 6 will work.

Surplus 8MM Mauser ammo in a bandolier. Though the buttons can be unbuttoned they were most probably ripped off so it could be used quickly. The US bandolier has a connected strap to sling over your shoulder not to be tied on as this one. The US model had no buttons but was designed with a fold over that allows you to pull the clip out. Simple Yes! But a most effective, inexpensive, disposable ammo delivery system. Such items could be homemade and provide a good storage system for a rainy day.     
No time will be spent here on this gun but the mags can be reloaded with a stripper clip arrangement as well. The ammo pouches and other stuff are readily available as military surplus unlike the guns mentioned above where you will have to hunt for the stripper clips. 
AK 47 and SKS

   Loaded SKS
         The SKS above with a fixed box magazine has its own speed loader built in and with a little practice you can load 10 bullets like lightning. It has a distinctive “Zip” sound when it is done correctly. There is an adapter which allows you to load AK47 magazine with this same stripper clip. As with any gun the AK is useless if you load the ammo in the empty mag one bullet at a time. Buy a devise that allows you to have two mags side by side, one is upside down this will allow you to have a loaded gun and you can flip the gun over and jam in two or three stripper clips in the empty mag (though not pretty duct tape will work). In a day of trouble whether you have an AK or SKS the stripper clip makes a gun into a true offensive weapon, functioning unrestrained from the fetters of single bullet loading.

 No matter which military gun you own there is generally a stripper clip and or a speed loader available.
 The SKS was placed on the ban list by the BATF except the curio and relic version the Yugo SKS with the grenade launcher attachment. Everyone is always talking about how good the AK 47 is but the SKS shoots more accurately and will offer less barrel lift with repeated or back to back discharges and has no flex in the receiver as the AK pressed metal receiver does when it is fired. The SKS is also said to offer 100 to 150 extra feet of muzzle velocity for each additional inch of barrel length over the AK47. Things are banned not because they are inferior but because they are better. End of part 7 of 12 to see the next post click here
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