Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ammo Application in Gun Function Part 3 of 12

Part 3 The Russian Mosin Nagant rifle is an example of a gun that uses a stripper clip that is not readily available but you can find them for about $1 each. This make the old gun a pleasure to shoot as it can function as it was designed to. The clips are reusable put the empty clip in your pocket so as not to lose it. There are two ways to load the Mosin Nagant with a stripper clip. One is to place your thumb as far back as possible and push down. The other way is to put the clip in position and grab the front of the top bullet and slide your thumb back slightly lift the front of the top bullet and push down with your thumb. This creates a small lever so to speak and allows you to push in the bullets easier. I made some homemade stripper clips out of a tin can and they only work with the second method mentioned above and were not very reliable. The tin can deformed when using thumb pressure alone. Using the leverage method it worked but was marginal in its success and would cause the tin can clip to jam in the gun on occasion. Real stripper clips would be better! A full complement of clips for this rifle is 6 clips so at $1 each you will not have much of an investment. The webbing for this gun-- webbing is the ammo pouch for this explanation but webbing would include backpacks, canteen holders, gun sling or generally anything used to hold a soldiers gear. For our explanation the word webbing will be limited to the ammo pouch. The Mosin Nagant pouch only holds six clips but having a few extras would be better for storage. You will readily see why the Russian soldier had so few bullets. If you were going to put a people under control of an oppressive government then you would not have a soldier carry to much ammo. If he were hit on the head the opposition would now have a complete battle compliment of ammo to work with. Some army’s battle compliment was as many as 100 bullets depending on the nation and army you are looking at. The Russians could not have that so they made an extremely small ammo pouch which only holds 30 bullets. Owning this Russian ammo pouch with your gun you would want the stripper clips to complete the set, in this way it is a piece of history as well as useful at target practice or at home if you do not have a handgun.

The above Mosin Nagant pouch will go on your belt and is very functional it holds 30 bullets. End of part 3 of 12 to see the next post click here
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