Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ammo Application in Gun Function Part 12 of 12

These 12 posts were posted when the blog was new so they were placed in order.  The 12 posts show photos and instructions on magazine function and salvage. The last post before this one #11 was on bullet shape and gun clip feeding and function so this one is a small section on gun storage. Guns are generally only worth something if they are loaded and child safety is critical. Our family rule always was that a child can see a gun anytime they want if they ask me and they can go shooting any time they want if given a small amount of time to plan for it. This works with the vast majority of kids but if you have a kid this douse not work on you already know from his or her general behavior that you will need to keep the gun locked up. When I would be cleaning a gun I would always ask the kids if they wanted to see it and eventual the response would follow "that's boring". We took them out to shoot shaving cream cans, milk jugs with collared red dye and explained very well what would happen if the gun went off and someone they loved was hurt. We found that Pandora's box was more of a temptation with forbidden fruit than available fruit. Perhaps my kids were different. The general consensus by most is to keep the gun locked up.  Perhaps that would be best! Some say keep the gun unloaded or use a trigger lock. In a critical moment their may be no time to make the necessary preparations to shoot the gun so you may be stuck with a $400 gun shaped hammer to hit the intruder with. A side note some kids have saved their parents because they knew how to use the gun and could get to it when their parents could not. A semi-auto was chosen as our self defense gun because we always left the safety on and second the chamber was left empty. Though not fool proof a small child would generally not have the body strength to calk the gun and second they would have to knock the safety off before the gun could be fired. To start at the first post on ammo application and gun function click here On the side bar you will find a wealth of information on guns, reloading bullet casting and making gun products that will save you a good chunk of change and much, much, more I hope you enjoy the sight.
If they pass laws against guns then you will either make your supplies at home, salvage or do without. Below 1) Developed in a simpler time Small Arms Defense Against Air Attack 2) Because of surplus import back stock military ammo that rusts gun barrels with corrosive primers this manual was written. How to clean the gun and stop the attack on your gun. 3) Gun Control and ammo and gun storage and burial To see military e-manuals and gun e-books click here www.firstpatriotpress.com . No waiting, get it now as an E-Book over 70 to chose from!

Small Arms Defense Against Air Attack TC23-44How to Clean Gun after Corrosive AmmoGun Control and Gun and Ammo Storage and Burial

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