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Ammo Application in Gun Function Part 2 of 12

Part 2 Clips                 
The M1 Garand and M95 Steyr are the exception to the term clips a clip is generally a short reference to the word stripper clip. The M1 Garand has a clip that is an integral part of the gun. The clip holds 8 rounds of ammo three more bullets than our WWII opponents German 8MM Mauser, or type 99-- 7.7  Japanese Arisaka, or the Garand eight rounds to the six rounds Italian Carcano, giving the Garand  a tremendous advantage for its time on the battlefield. When the last bullet is fired out of the Garand rifle the clip pops out from the top. The Steyr drops the clip out from the bottom.   Except the two exclusions the M1 Garand and the M95 Steyr (generally speaking --there may be a few rarer guns in this category) a stripper clip is not an integral part of the internal working of the majority of military guns. This does not mean that a stripper clip is not important to a gun or gun owner however.  
Stripper clips make all the difference in the world in combat. Take your normal bolt action hunting rifle for example. These guns must be loaded one bullet at a time which is ok for hunting purposes. Most military bolt action guns of a newer make (when we say newer we mean WWI& WWII bolt action guns) have a specially designed notch which allows them to use a stripper clip. It pays to own a few stripper clips for whatever rifle you own as it is the difference allowing you to load 5 or 10 bullets in your military rifle as fast as most people load one bullet in a hunting rifle. This statement is made without the least exaggeration.

Surplus military clips from a gun show above are a hodgepodge of different manufactured clips of the same design. The bullet is used to release the spring, the spring is slid out and then the rust and dirt is attacked with steel wool and oil then wiped clean and reassembled.

    No they are not perfect but they are clean and just as functional as new clips at a fraction of the price. I do not sell mags or clips and have no associations with people who do, nor was I paid to write this article.  But a good source for the above clips for your gun from a new manufacture are the M 14 clips for 308 caliber sold by K and K Surplus at 10 clips for $5 at the time of this printing. Item #3202 www.kandksurplus.com (These should work in the guns we are describing and look like the clips above but as mentioned you would be getting new clips).  Some people are attempting to sell one rusty stripper clip for $5 each on the internet. K and K also had 50 packs of caliber 223 strippers for $8 item #WA-223-50-STR and AK47 loaders as well. K and K is not the cheapest on everything. From other sources SKS strippers are $7.50 for 20 on Amazon with no shipping charges and the 7.62X54 strippers are about 45% cheaper from other sources too at the time of this printing so I would not go to  K and K for those. End of part 2 of 12 To see the next post click here to see one of my gun books click my name   Richard W Norman

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