Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ammo Application in Gun Function Part 4 of 12

Part 4 Home made clip for the Mosin Nagant

Making a junk clip out of tin cans requires tin snips and a special metal bending pliers for the sharp edges. The can is cut to size and pounded with a hammer to straighten it out a little (it will not become completely flat).

The special pliers are used to make the bends on the outside edge and it is then folded over.

                                   A special paper template is made to allow for mass production. 

After the first bend it is checked against a known factory clip for size. And the next bend is made. Below is a completed clip. This method of loading is the only one that will work with a tin can clip. I would not want to stake my life on this clip. To see the next post click here to see one of my books click my name  Richard W Norman Gun Book Author
 End of part 4 of 12
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