Monday, May 7, 2012

People get what they deserve

  Character in a good man or woman is the measuring stick of his or her life; a vote is like a gun it is only used well depending on the character of the man or woman wielding it. Richard W Norman

If they pass laws against guns then you will either make your gun supplies at home, salvage or do without. Below American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom, it is a ammo, gun, supply system in a book  you can make just about anything you might need in an emergency, gun manufacture, repair and ammo production without loading equipment, many different powders and primers and much more. It is an operation manual for functioning arms manufacture as well as maintenance manual for the guns. You can also salvaging old used brass and how to bring it into a usable condition without loading equipment. 553 pages
American Handbook on Guns Ammo and Freedom 

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